7 Romantic Winter Activities Guaranteed to Keep You Warm

When I was younger, my parents would tell me that the winter was a beautiful time of year. But I was so focused on the cold, I missed what they were talking about.

Now that I’m older, I finally get it. Winter may be cold, but that cold opens the door to some amazing activities that are impossible every other time of year. Especially when you have a significant other!

Use this list of romantic snow activities to make the season fly by. Who knows, maybe it will even become your favorite!

Go Hiking

There’s something amazing about hiking in the wintertime. It’s like all the familiar paths that you’ve been on in the summer get transformed into winter wonderlands. The scenery can look more like Narnia than planet Earth!

…which makes it the perfect place for a romantic outing!

Frozen waterfalls, snow covered evergreens, and deer peeking through the trees. It’s really a beautiful, magical experience. Especially when you’re sharing it with someone you love. The hike becomes an adventure that brings both of you closer. Just make sure you have the right gear. Do NOT do this until you understand layers. Don’t wear cotton. Make sure you have waterproof boots.

Go Ice Skating

Is there anything more romantic than ice skating? Gliding across the ice, hand in hand… it’s like a Christmas movie. Now, for ice skating, I recommend you go all out. For example, downtown in my city is a big ice rink. It’s dead center in the city and has all kinds of amazing activities to do around it.

I could go to the closest ice rink. Or I could take the extra time to go downtown and get an entirely different experience. If you have an iconic spot near you to skate, go check it out. I know you’ll love it.  

Go Sledding

Sledding is a ton of fun as a kid. And guess what? It’s just as much fun as an adult. It’s a lot cheaper than downhill skiing/snowboarding, too. Sledding is perfect to do right after snowfall. That way you get the fresh, fluffy powder to cruise down. I recommend finding a spot nearby.  

Make a trip out of it. Take the scenic route and walk to the slope. Then spend some time speeding down the hill. Cap it all off with a hot cup of cocoa. I promise – you’ll feel 10 years younger.

Watch Movies by the Fire

My favorite part of winter is getting cozy. There’s just no other feeling like it. With snow covering the land… and gentle flakes floating to the ground… while you’re sitting inside, warm, watching it all cuddled up with your partner on a cozy couch… it just doesn’t get better than that.

Personally, I love to watch long, dialogue heavy movies during this time. Like the Godfather or Pulp Fiction. You can really sink in and get involved in the movie.

Cook Some Amazing Hot Meals

There’s no better time to improve your cooking skills than the winter. Not only does it give you a fun way to pass the time indoors, the hot food you make will warm your body, heart, and soul!

I highly recommend you both try some French cooking. There are so many delicious hot soups you can make, it will blow your mind. Imagine the smell of cooking bacon, onions, carrots, garlic, and celery. Combining it all with chicken stock and a bunch of other veggies. Then serving it all up with toasted bread and cheese. It’s so simple. So warm. And so, so delicious.

(For some easy French recipes you can check out one of my favorite YouTube channels, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0lG3Ihe4LGV851lODRIS5g)

Art + Wine Night

This is a fun one. Go to an art store and get some canvas paper and paints. Watercolor is always an easy option if you’re not that good at painting. But feel free to ask the art store employees for suggestions.

Get a nice bottle of your favorite wine. Pour yourselves some generous glasses and start painting! You can watch some Bob Ross YouTube videos to get in the mood. Either work on your own projects or work together to create a masterpiece. Don’t forget to hang it up front and center in the front room! 😉

Go Shopping

Shopping is a great way to spend the winter – before or after Christmas. After Christmas, many outlets will have clearance and new year specials. So it’s the perfect time to go shopping together. Bonus points for dressing up fancy, shopping, and ending it all with a great night on the town.

In Conclusion

If you do any of these dates, I promise you… you will love spending the winter with your significant other. Before you know it the sun will be setting late again and spring will be here. And you may even find yourself wishing winter had lasted longer…

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  1. Thanks for this overview, really amazing activities worth trying especially if you’ve met the one you can share with. I wouldn’t miss Wine night with a bottle of favorite wine!

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