Amazing Travel Accessories & Gifts

Are you already looking forward to your vacation? Or just thinking about taking a weekend trip now the weather has brightened up?

Whatever your plans, you can make your travel easier and more pleasurable with just a few basic purchases.
For instance, an eye mask and earplugs can help you doze on a long flight, or block out the one guy in a campsite who snores, and has camped right next to you.
Whether you’re camping in the great outdoors or just marooned in a one-motel town, a microfiber travel towel and a super-light ‘pocket blanket’ will help you stay comfortable. A sleeping bag liner is also a great help, as it’s so much easier to wash than a whole sleeping bag if you’re on an extended hike.
Investing in bags is a must. Even five-star frequent travelers don’t get great luggage allowances these days, so compression bags which can get more clothes into your suitcase are really useful. Watertight bags are another must; pack spillable toiletries in them, or use them to keep your electronics dry (and sand-free) when you’re on the beach. A fanny pack is super useful at airports, as you can keep your smartphone, boarding card and passport together and your hands free.
It’s well worth buying some empty liquid containers. Buying toothpaste or sunscreen in 100ml tubes is expensive; buy in bulk, then fill your containers to take on the plane. Another neat idea is a collapsible water bottle, which takes up next to no space once it’s empty. You can even get collapsible filter bottles if you’re visiting a country where drinking the water is risky.
Whatever class you travel, a mini power bank is a useful accessory. Rather than charging each gadget when you have access to power, charge the power bank and you’ll have energy for all your devices.

Even heading for the sun, you might find variable weather at your destination, so take a rain poncho rather than packing a rainproof coat or umbrella if you want to economize on space.
A final tip for enjoying your vacation; make sure you take clothes with plenty of pockets. A great purchase is a photographer’s vest, with capacious inside and outside pockets. Slip it on over your other clothes. Usually, you’ll find them in camouflage green or beige, but if you’re a fashionista, get a black one and you’ll be surprised how good it can look!
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Foam Roller
Recovery is a vital component of any fitness routine. A foam roller is an excellent tool for self-myofascial release, which helps in muscle recovery and increasing flexibility. Spending a few minutes post-workout with a foam roller can enhance muscle recovery and keep you ready for your next session.
Pull-Up Bar
Pull-ups are an incredibly effective exercise for upper body strength. A pull-up bar is a relatively simple piece of equipment but can add a whole new dimension to your fitness routine. Ensure that it is installed securely, and you’ll have an array of exercises – pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises – at your disposal.
A home gym can be your personal fitness sanctuary. Investing in the right accessories will not only enhance the quality of your workouts but will also keep you engaged and motivated. As you curate your space, focus on accessories that complement your fitness goals and add versatility to your regimen.
Remember that progress in fitness is not just about intensity but also about variety and consistency. With these accessories in your home gym, you’ll be well-equipped to keep your workouts dynamic and achieve your fitness goals. Be sure to check VIPON for the best deals on fitness accessories. Happy training!

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