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Most blogs about makeup are about what cosmetics and skincare items to buy, or how to use them.
But you rarely read about how to organize them. Which means 90 percent of women are coping with having some things in their handbags, some in the bedroom, some in the bathroom, and some… lost down the back of the couch, probably.

If you have a vanity with drawers, instead of filling the entire drawer up with different stuff, get yourself some drawer organizers. That way, you can have all your regular stuff for a day at work in one place, and your party glamor stuff in another; or all your mascaras in one place and your lipsticks organized by color. Smaller compartments are great for accessories like bobby pins and cotton balls.
Clear organizers are great news as you can see what you’re picking up. Whether you use a mason jar or clear box or tray, or, as a friend does, Ferrero Rocher boxes she’s been given for her birthday. (Yes, of course she eats the chocolates first.)

Get a proper holder for your makeup brushes, so they don’t lie around spreading powder or gathering dirt. A mug will do, but a purpose bought pot is much nicer.
A Lazy Susan can also make a great base for pots of your most commonly used products; it will keep them tidy but you’re not going to have to reach for what’s at the back, just flick the Lazy Susan round when you need to. It’s also a great way to make use of the corner of a vanity nearest the wall, where normally, you wouldn’t put stuff because it would be too far out of the way.
Don’t forget beauty products can be beautiful. Some people actually collect perfume bottles; the Lalique Trésor de la Mer 1936 limited edition for Saks sold at auction for over $200,000! If you have really beautiful products, even if they’re not collectors’ items, you might want to display them on a shelf, or even buy a shadow box to mount some of them on the wall. (Don’t do that with products you want to use every day, though!)

Mason jars or other glass jars can be great for keeping stuff like hair ties, cotton wool balls, and makeup pads. The lid will stop dust and dirt getting in, and you’ll be able to see what’s in them. Better still get a set of jars that come with a matching tray, so they’re kept neatly together.
On a slightly different tack you might want to keep your hairdryer out of sight when it’s not needed. Easily done – buy an over-the-door caddy and keep it tucked neatly in the bathroom cupboard!
However you decide to organize your stuff, before you splash the cash, take a look on Vipon. There are always loads of products going at a discount, and you can save your dollars to spend on that expensive lipstick you’ve been jonesing after for a while.

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