Best Beach Accesories For Fun In The Sand!

It’s nearly time to head for the beach… but you’d better be properly prepared.
You probably have a bathing costume, but life can be much more fun if you have some other good beach clothes. For instance, a sarong or wrap is much easier to shrug on than trying to put jeans on while you’re still wet. You also really need a bikini bag or similar waterproof bag where you can put your wet swimwear and anything else that’s got soaked.

If you’re heading for a gravelly beach, you might want a pair of water shoes, so you can head for the water without wincing! These tight waterproof shoes will protect your feet from the rocks while you can still swim in them.
Towels and mats are important; you need to get dry and you also need some way of ensuring everything doesn’t get covered in sand. Microfiber can be really handy, since it is highly absorbent and dries really quickly; get a towel with a carry bag, so it doesn’t get sand in it before you take it out to use.

You might also want some kind of beach shelter; a windy beach can be a real ordeal if you don’t have a windbreak. A beach umbrella is also a great accessory if you spend more time lazing than swimming, while if you have really young children, a pop-up shelter for them is a great purchase.
You don’t have to go as far as a folding table and chairs. Some families do, and if your joints are showing their age, you may appreciate it. For others, the whole point of going to the beach is sitting on the sand!
Don’t forget a cooler. There’s nothing worse than opening your can of Coca-Cola to find it’s warmed up! Wine bottle coolers and beer can koozies really help keep your drinks cold while you’re drinking, too.

Waterproof important stuff by getting waterproof camping bags, or a waterproof cover for your phone, camera or tablet.
And then have fun! Grab buckets and spades for the kids; these days you can even get silicone molds for making sandcastles. Or get some slyde handboards, for starter surfers, or snorkels, masks, and fins if you want to see below the water. Since the beach is usually windy for some of the day, why not buy a kite to fly?
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