Earn Money and Get Famous With the All New Vipon “V Show”!

Are you looking to earn some extra money online? Vipon has an amazing new opportunity for you! And… you could even get famous.

As you know, millions of people are now making full-time incomes online. YouTubers, influencers, and internet celebrities at throwing their alarm clocks away, traveling the world, and getting paid handsomely to do so.

Now it’s your turn.

With Vipon’s new feature, the “V Show”, you’ll now have a real chance at earning a nice side income for making content! 

What is the V Show?

Every day, over 10s of thousands of people visit Vipon. We are one of the largest Amazon coupon websites in the world. And we continue to grow every single month.

Recently, we wanted to provide our visitors with more than just amazing deals. We also want to entertain them, teach them new skills, and improve their lives. The way we’re doing this is with the V Show.

With the V Show, anyone can upload a video or article. We will then feature it on our homepage. Then our daily visitors will see your content. If they “like” it, your content will be shown even more. Popular content creators can expect to get thousands of views very quickly. 

Get Paid For Your Content

We plan to reward our creators handsomely. For now, you can get paid $1 for every 10 “likes”. When your video is seen thousands of times, these likes add up quickly.

You can withdraw money from your account after the balance reaches $10. If you consistently upload high quality video, you can expect this to be a brand-new income stream that’s independent of your current job or location. Since many people are choosing to stay home right now, this is the perfect time to start your new career. 

Imagine having a blast recording a video… knowing it’s going to make you money. Imagine wanting to buy something, and knowing all you have to do is make a content and its yours. This kind of life is now possible for you with the all-new V Show!

What Kind of Content Can You Upload?

We intend for the V show to be a diverse entertainment network. You can write articles, post pictures, or videos. In general, videos will likely spread better.

You can also upload old videos that you’ve recorded. In other words, you don’t need to create brand new content. However, you cannot upload someone else’s content and claim it as your own. If we find you’ve done this, your video/article will be deleted, and any likes and money you’ve earned from it will be canceled. Also, if you create content that breaks our guidelines (is violent or adult oriented), we will remove the content and cancel the payments.

Other than that… it’s up to you what kind of content you want to upload!

A Way for Influencers to Exponentially Boost Their Audience

Are you already a well-known social media influencer? If so, the V Show can take your brand and career to the next level. By publishing great content, you can quickly add thousands of new views to your videos every single day. Of course we will tell people what your brand is, so it will grow your audience across every platform.

How to Upload Content?

Adding your content to the V show couldn’t be easier. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Register for a Vipon Shopper Account and verify it
  2. Login to Vipon
  3. Complete your profile
  4. Upload your content by clicking Personal Center -> My Post -> New Post -> Upload article or video

Once your content is added, users will be able to watch it. The more people who “like” your content, the more we will show it. People will be able to share your content on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. This means a good content will be seen by  many people all over the world.

In Conclusion

We believe that the show will quickly become the most popular part of our website. Even though we already get thousands of unique visitors every day, this could push that number to millions. We are in the very early stages of the V Show. Which means if you get in now, you can get a huge chunk of traffic, build an audience, and perfectly positioned yourself to grow your career as we grow too.

We will be spending significant resources promoting this section of our website. So don’t delay . Create your Vipon account right now and start uploading content. See what our audience responds to. See what people like. Get paid when people like your content. And change your life.

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