Fall Fashion Accessories & Ideas

If you hadn’t noticed, it’s time to pull out the plaid and the chunky knits. But pay attention! There are some interesting trends this fall that you might want to add to your wardrobe.
What was on the runway? There were loads of chunky knits, and there was a bit of glitz atmosphere with sequins, bold colors and even bolder prints. But if you look at what people are actually getting excited about on the street, some of the more outrageous ideas didn’t make the cut.
Leather is the big thing this season (sorry, vegans). From soft nappa leather coats to thick hide biker jackets, it’s everywhere. Bomber jackets are popular, too, and even leather trousers are making an appearance. Black, tan, or fawn, leather and suede are the ‘feel’ of this fall.
And actually, vegans, there are some great vegan leather options available now, so go with the look.
Faux fur is another big thing this fall. You don’t need to buy a faux fur coat, though; small accents, like a furry handbag or a shaggy cap, are enough to give that furry vibe with your regular outfit.
Long skirts are in. The maxi and midi have been trending for a while, but this fall mixes in a specific style, the cargo skirt. For those women who hate the fact that ninety percent of women’s clothes don’t have pockets, this is great news! Wear longer skirts with clogs or sneakers – footwear this season isn’t dainty so you can be comfortable as well as fashionable.
Knee high boots are part of the look (and go with a cowgirl trend if you wear them with leather), or clogs, particularly Birkenstocks.
Upcycled and vintage looks remain in fashion, so if you have treasured old tweeds, plaids and knits, mix and match them with this season’s favorites to create your own take on the trends.
On the other hand, if you dare, you could go ‘bikercore’. This style, derived from BMX culture, matches leather or PVC trousers (again!) with racing jackets and bright tee shirts. You can upgrade it with a bit of bling if you like. Very much street fashion, it’s perhaps not a style for soccer moms or anyone who has to work in an office.
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