Gadgets & Handy Tools For Your Home

There is nothing quite as annoying as having something basic break down in your home. Except that there’s one thing that’s even more annoying; having something break down, and not having the right tools to fix it!
A lot of things are easily fixable, or at least fixable enough to wait for the professionals to come round. For instance, if you have a dripping pipe, if you’ve got some PTFE tape you can at least stop it for the time being, though that’s not a permanent fix.

Have some basic tools and supplies on hand so you can deal with problems, and do a little DIY if you want to.
First of all, get some good glue. A lot of articles never mention glue, because it’s not a tool, but having superglue, wood glue, and sealant to hand is so useful for everyday breakages. If you have neoprene glue you can even use it to resole shoes. Putty is useful, too.
Secondly, get some wrenches, and make sure they are the right size for your taps and pipes. Or just – which is far easier – get a good set of wrenches, or a couple of adjustable wrenches (a small one and a big one), because you know if you only have one, inevitably the nut you need to tighten will be just a sixteenth of an inch too big or too small.

Screwdrivers are similar to wrenches – you’ll need an assortment. You can also get a multi bit screwdriver, which is good if you’re short on space; but make sure you don’t lose any of the bits, because the one you lose is going to be the one you’ll need!
A tape measure ought to come high up the list. Whenever you need to buy spares, or new shelves, or new furniture, you’ll want to measure up before you go to the store. Take your tape measure with you and you’ll always come back with the right size fittings.
Also high on the list is a level. You don’t have to be laying a wall to need one; if you’re hanging pictures, you’ll want to make sure they’re not askew. And if you’re hanging pictures, get a stud finder which can prevent you hammering a nail into an electric cable or a water pipe.

Get yourself a good multitool. This will give you pliers, a knife blade, basic screwdrivers, and other useful tools (including a bottle opener). And get a utility knife, plus a pack of replacement blades.
Grab a flashlight. Things that break or come undone always seem to be in a dark corner, or at the back of a closet.
And finally, get yourself a good toolbox to put your tools in, so that you know where they are when you need them.
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