It may be a bit too early to rely on the weather being sunny and warm, but spring is definitely just around the corner. However, most of us miss getting the most out of our gardens in the early part of the year, because it’s still looking tired and grimy after the long winter.
Enjoy this spring properly by getting your garden into shape. Look around it now and see where a spot of color would spark some joy. A big ceramic pot or a bright sculpture could make a great accent even if the spring flowers are late.

This is the right time to think about where new plants could go, as well. For instance a red leafed grass, or a mass of tiny wild geraniums in varied purples and blues, could make a huge difference to your garden. If you don’t want to have to work for the effect every year, choose perennial plants that will naturalize.
Garden furniture is key to enjoying your garden. You might be happy with a few selected tree stumps you can sit on round your camp fire, but make sure they are cleaned and that you give them a coat of teak oil to stop them falling apart. Or you might want to make a little corner with French cottage style wrought iron chairs painted in white, with a little round table.
Remember, the style should work with what’s indoors as well as outdoors. A mid-century modern interior with a French cottage style garden will just clash; without will a Zen garden and bohemian interior.

We have a long way to go till the evenings are light, so make sure you can use your garden after dark by getting some great lighting. Solar lamps are really useful in the garden, giving you an extra three or four hours of light; or install strings of lights in the trees to pretty them up and give you some ambient lighting.
And of course there’s nothing quite as nice as candlelight, so get some nice candle or tea-light holders.
Finally, remember to give everything a good spring clean. Patios and decking all need a bit of care before they’ll look their best.
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