Gift Ideas For New Parents!

So your best friend has a new baby! Or maybe you’ve just become a grandparent for the first time. A present is definitely in order, but what should you get for the lucky mom (and dad)?
Unless you’ve already talked about contributing basics like a baby food maker, crib, or bassinet, don’t get stuff they will already have purchased. Though an additional soft blanket or snug, or a stylish baby sling, will always be welcome; any new parent knows at least half of your entire baby wardrobe will be in the washing machine at any one time!
However, what people forget is that moms and dads actually used to have a life, before they had a baby. Maybe you can help them get that life back. Some things will just make life easier and more enjoyable, such as a thermos coffee mug so that hot drink is still hot when baby

emergency number 302,376 is over. And remember that shopping probably wasn’t high on the list of essentials in the last week or two before the birth, so buying a couple of packets of real good coffee could be a friendly gesture (make that decaf, if mom is breastfeeding, though).
A white noise generator may sound a weird gift, but what you’re actually giving the parents is the gift of a good night’s sleep. These machines are great for helping babies to sleep; in fact you can get ones specially made for that purpose. A night-light might also be a good idea.
Simplify the new parents’ lives by using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature to gift a supply of diapers or other essentials. Just remember to fill in the right address! Gift cards for meal delivery are another helpful way to say you care.

Pregnancy really takes it out of the female body, so a little pampering or help to get back in form is always welcome. Beauty treatments, a spa day, hand lotion or a hair care kit, or aromatherapy oils and a diffuser, might all be gifts a new mom will receive with real gratitude. A new silk or linen scarf, a pretty headband, or even a new dress for your BFF, are other nice ideas, and a lot of women swear by Lululemon’s super-comfortable leggings.
Remember Dads are also involved! Everyone forgets they might be dealing with the diapers and having sleepless nights too. (Okay, they did not go through labor, but they still have work to do.) Noise canceling headphones can help one parent to sleep through the night (they’ll have to take it in turns) while comfortable athleisure wear is always acceptable.
If you want to be the best of all fairy godmothers (or fathers), take a look on Vipon to see if you can grab a good deal. You might be able to contribute a bit more if you can get it half price!

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