Great Accesories & Ideas To Live Like a King!

The coronation of King Charles III of England happened recently, a ceremony full of splendor, amazing costumes and fascinating details. Granted, you didn’t have the good fortune to be born in the royal family, but can you still live like a king or queen?
The first thing you’re going to need to do is to make sure you breakfast like a king. Apparently Charles’s favorite is an egg with caviar, but scrambled eggs with smoked salmon is another royally luxurious dish. A glass of champagne, or another good sparkling wine, is also a key part of a truly regal breakfast, along with a pot of Earl Grey tea.

During the ceremony, Charles had to change his clothes several times. He arrived in a long cloak under which he wore a rather luscious pink detailed outfit, was disrobed for the anointing, and then dressed in a golden dalmatic of supertunica (like a long kaftan) with a golden sash and stole. Then, finally, he changed into imperial purple with gold stripes for the end of the ceremony and the procession back to Buckingham Palace.
So if you want a truly royal look, you’ll need plenty of crimson, pink, and purple, with golden accents. Plus really big jewelry like the chains of the chivalric orders worn by many of the participants. Or, of course, you could take Queen Camilla’s example and wear white; but luxurious, embroidered white, and with big diamonds (or Swarovski crystals, to be more realistic).
You’ll want a faux fur cape, too, which is absolutely the royal accessory. It used to be real fur, but Charles is a committed environmentalist so it’s now faux ermine, with huge floppy moiré silk ribbons on the shoulders.

Headgear is a must. You probably aren’t entitled to a crown, but there was plenty of great millinery on display, including Princess Anne’s bicorne hat with a huge red plume, and Katy Perry’s ‘satellite dish’ hat. The Queen of Lesotho, ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso, won the stakes for understated style with a delightful white-feathered fascinator.
Let’s not forget the anointing with holy oil made from olives grown on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, and perfumed with rose, jasmine, and orange blossom. Grab your own aromatherapy oils online and hold your anointing in the privacy of your own bathroom. Westminster Abbey didn’t have the right facilities, but you can follow it up with a good long soak or a refreshing shower!
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