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The world of tools is divided into three kinds. First are the regulars, the tools you know you need; screwdrivers, kitchen knives, wrenches, and so on.
Secondly you have the really clever tools that do one thing really well and you wish you’d known about years ago.
And thirdly, you have the supposedly clever tool that someone invented last year, is selling like hot cakes this year, and will inevitably be selling for fifty cents at every yard sale next year.
The difficulty is telling categories two and three apart! If you look for ‘clever gadgets’ on a search engine, you’ll find tons of class three gizmos. Real clever tools are the ones where you say “I wish I’d known about that years ago!”
For instance, the French have a great way with garlic; a little ceramic dish with tiny sharp teeth. You rub the garlic on the plate, the teeth strip and mince, and you can just tip the chopped up garlic with all its juice into the dish you’re making.

The Gorilla gripper is another wonderfully useful answer to a common problem. If you’ve ever tried to carry a plywood sheet that’s so wide you can’t get your arm round it, the Gorilla gripper is what you need. It clamps to the edge of the wood, making a comfortable rubberized handle.
Shredding pulled pork with a couple of forks takes forever and the forks twist and turn in your hands and get clogged up with meat. The answer? Bear paws. Much easier to grip, with well spaced claws that don’t clog.
You may use fridge magnets and a magnetic knife rack. But move up into top gear with a magnet wristband, which will hold all the little nails, screws, nuts, bolts and other tiny pieces that will otherwise get lost. A magnetic tool holder that can grip to the side of your car is another great idea so you don’t lose tools when working outside.
And at home, grab a USB charging port that will let you use one electrical outlet for 6 USB chargers. That’s enough for everyone’s smartphone on the entryway table, or all your devices in your home office.
Other potentially life-changing gadgets are an LED headlamp for working in dark corners (like behind your desktop), oil and lemon juice spray bottles for the kitchen, and silicone baking mats.
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