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The days of shaggy beards and straggly hair are over. Male grooming is a big thing these days, and companies like Blind Barber, Anthony, and Detroit Grooming Co have built that businesses on the modern male’s requirement for great hair and skincare. So let’s look at what’s available, and what you need, to be the best groomed man in the room.

If you have a beard to look after you can’t just snip the end every so often. You really do need a beard trimmer to give it some definition and keep it from getting straggly. You’ll also need a good small pair of scissors and a comb, particularly for keeping your mustache looking good.

Your beard, like your hair, needs nourishment as well as cleaning. That’s why many men use a beard conditioner; if your beard is scratchy, try some out and you may be surprised  what a difference it makes.

Your skin needs care as well. This is something men traditionally have not done, and most moisturizers on the market were aimed at women. But there’s no excuse today; there are loads of good moisturizers aimed at male customers. You’ll need to find the right moisturizer for your skin type, particularly if you have oily skin or dry skin; and remember that your skin can change its character over the years, becoming drier, so you might need to take that into account at some point.

Your skin needs care as well. This is something men traditionally have not done, and most moisturizers on the market were aimed at women. But there’s no excuse today; there are loads of good moisturizers aimed at male customers. You’ll need to find the right moisturizer for your skin type, particularly if you have oily skin or dry skin; and remember that your skin can change its character over the years, becoming drier, so you might need to take that into account at some point.
A good moisturizer should also come with sunscreen of SPF factor 30 upwards. It reduces wrinkles and also reduces the risk of skin cancers, so it’s not about looking good now, it’s about still being here and still looking good in a few decades’ time. Try brands like Aesop, Jaxon Lane, or Lab Series.

You should also remember to use a good moisturizer or cream on your hands. While you don’t want your finger pink and baby-soft, having flaky, rough skin on your knuckles is not masculine, it’s off-putting. And get a good pair of nail scissors and a file – again, you don’t need a full-on manicure and nail job, but having neatly trimmed nails should be part of every man’s basic grooming routine.
You should make a practice of giving yourself a good face scrub every week or so, too, to get rid of dead hair cells and stimulate your skin. Bullfrog and Tom Ford make good exfoliating scrubs, so treat yourself. You’ll feel great afterwards.
Use a good shampoo, and remember to use a conditioner – without it, you’re going to dry your hair out. And know what hair products you need and what you can – and even should- go without. Unruly hair needs wax or pomade; don’t use it on fine hair, which needs oil-free, matte finish. Plus, it goes without saying, don’t skimp your visits to the barber.

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