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This year I remembered, much too late, that you’re supposed to go out and wash your face in the dew on May Day if you want to be beautiful.
So in the absence of May Day dew, how do you keep your skin looking good?
It’s not just about products. You can spend $100 on a tiny pot of super-duper-name-brand night cream, but if you don’t use it regularly, you’ve wasted your money. It’s important to build up a routine and stick to it. Even if it’s a simple routine with quite inexpensive products, it will help your skin stay healthy.

Morning and evening, you need to cleanse and moisturize. Sure, you can add a toner or a serum, but cleansing and moisturizing are the real basics.
Choose your product to suit your skin and your age; as you grow older, your skin will likely become more fragile and dry, and will need you to put more goodness back into it.
Cleansing products come in different types, such as gels, balms, and creams. Don’t use regular soap; it’s too aggressive to use on your face. On the other hand, natural soaps which use coconut oil, shea butter, and other nourishing ingredients are now coming on the market, and these can be good for cleansing. Check the label for intended uses, though.

Getting a good moisturizer is key to having great skin. You’ll need a day cream, which should include basic sunscreen protections, and a night cream which aims at refreshing your skin as you sleep. The two formulations are actually different, so don’t try economizing by just using one of the two creams.
Again, choose your moisturizer for your skin type, and make sure your day cream includes sunscreen protection of SPF 30 or better.
Once you have established your routine you can add special products for particular reasons. For instance, serums can add Vitamin C for brightening your skin tone, or retinol and Vitamin B3 for producing collaging to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. If you have bags under your eyes, you might benefit from eye cream.

You probably don’t need to use a face mask, but it can be very relaxing to pamper yourself from time to time. You could go back to old-fashioned skincare by just making an oatmeal mask (oatmeal and water); apply it, let it nearly dry, then rinse off. A green tea rinse is another effective DIY treatment – green tea contains ECCG, Epigallocatechin gallate, which soothes your skin.
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