Great Small Gadget & Gift Ideas

I don’t know why we do ‘spring’ cleaning. It always seems to me that after spending a lot of the summer in the garden, it’s when the weather forces me back into the house that I find how cluttered it’s got and how small it is. And I can never find the little things I need.
This time of year isn’t a bad time to think about those useful little things. For instance, erasers. It’s not just for back-to-school; every time you want to draw directions, or a plan for something, you’ll find you need an eraser, and it’s disappeared.
And every time you want to jot down something on a sticky note – where have all the sticky notes gone? There’s another basic supply you want to put on your shopping list.

This year, hand sanitizer will be on a lot of lists as well as wet wipes, as we still have to cope with the pandemic. It might not be the cheapest way to go, but I’ll be getting lots of smaller bottles so we’re never without one; in the car, handbag, kitchen, wherever. Along with that go the little cleaning wipes for eyeglasses (should you wear them), and some spare microfiber cloths for general cleaning.
Everyone has electronic stuff to look after and recharge, so this year could see a power bank replace the dozens of different phone chargers around the place. Most phones now have induction charging so goodbye cables! On the other hand, hello to cables in the form of a couple of extra extension cords to add a bit of flexibility to the home office (or schoolwork on the kitchen table now it includes a laptop).
That probably means that cable clips and other ways of organizing electric cables should go on the shopping list too. And for the old paper based way of working, paper clips, staples, bulldog clips, and scotch tape, because paperless households haven’t arrived yet!

Phone and tablet stands are another useful supply to keep your electronics under control.
For home dinners or entertaining, tea-lights and candles need restocking. And if half your coasters have gone missing over the summer, it might be time to get a new set. Plus ice cube trays, new oven mitts if the old ones have started looking gross, and perhaps a new kitchen apron. You might even invest in a multi-function jar and bottle opener, for those ketchup bottles that just won’t open, or those jam jars that refuse to yield.
A magnetic strip for knives is another of those good ideas that will save space; of course you can use one for other things, too. They’re useful in the craft studio or the workshop, or even for pot lids.
But make sure you get your budget under control, so check Vipon for discounts before you splash the cash!

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