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Vipon has a huge range of amazing bags at great prices. Whether you need a bag for everyday use or an eco shopping bag for running to the store, check out our deals. I use a tote bag when picking up grocrcies – they are great as they can be used for everything from shopping to trips to the beach.
You know you need a new tote when:
• things start dropping out of a hole in the bottom,
• the corners are a bit grubby,
• the handle is getting less and less secure,
• it starts to lose its shape, or
• you just look at the back and think, “I need a new tote”.

The tote is an essentially simple bag; at its most basic, it’s just a square stitched together with a handle. But that doesn’t mean it has to look boring. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheap, either.
One of the best is the delightful Longchamp pliable, which means ‘foldable’. The bag is just nylon, but the handles and flap are the luxurious leather for which Longchamp is famous. And it folds up into a tiny package, so it’s a great tote to pack for traveling or shopping, or when you’re not sure how much you’re going to want to bring home with you.
But the Longchamp pliable, like a lot of totes, doesn’t have any organizers inside. So it’s not great as a daily bag, because all your stuff is going to get jumbled up. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll want a bit more structure. There are some great canvas totes which have two or three dividers, and look really chic. Canvas is great for men’s bags, because it looks quite nautical.

Try a leather tote for a longer lasting and swanky looking bag. Leather will tend to be a bit heavier, but a good solid leather tote will last for ever with a bit of care, and even develop a bit of a ‘wabi sabi’ vibe with wear. If you don’t want animals to suffer for your style, there are some great vegan leather options nowadays, too.
One thing you’ll want to decide is whether you just want a handle, or want a cross-body or shoulder strap too. It can be a lot more comfortable to use a strap, and of course that also gives you the advertising of having your hands free, for instance if you’re going to a flea market.
Most totes are big enough for your shopping, your laptop, or even shoving a couple of antique vases into, so they’re real functional, as well as stylish. Best of all, you can grab a tote from bargain basement to luxury style – and whichever end of the scale you want to go, you can save a bit of money by searching Vipon for discounts!

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