How to make the most of Black Friday

First, make a list of the things you really need and really want.
There are going to be hundreds of sales so make sure you know which to focus on. For example, if you are buying a TV, think a bit about the specs you need.
Or, if you’re going traveling around the world, for instance, you might need a dual-sim smartphone which lets you stay connected at home and get cheap calls and data abroad.
Next, research the products you are thinking of getting. If you want a new tablet, save the websites that sell them so you are ready to buy!

Some products may have huge discount if they are a slightly older model. New TVs come out every year, so a one-year-old TV might be good value compared to a newer one, and it is far more likely to be discounted.
Check out the price history of the products you’re looking at using a site like CamelCamelCamel. Sometimes, the Black Friday price isn’t really such a bargain, as the product has already been heavily discounted for a while. You might also use the Shopsavvy app to check bricks and mortar shop prices for products.
Black Friday can see websites overwhelmed and servers crashing, so it’s a good idea to have accounts open at several different sites and the relevant product pages bookmarked. If sites let you set up a wish list, use the facility to put your top intended purchases in the list.
Don’t wait for Friday! Lots of sites now start their sales several days early. Particularly if you want to buy a big-ticket item, you’ll want to be an early bird to have a chance of bagging it.
And don’t forget that if you couldn’t get exactly what you wanted, Cyber Monday will be along on the 28th for another chance to grab computers, smartphones and other electronics.
Finally, remember to check out Vipon to see if you can get an even better discount!

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