Staying Warm With Wonderful Winter Accessories

We just got a Facebook post from a friend in the Yukon. It made us shiver; snow, snow everywhere, knee-deep already!
Even if winter weather hasn’t caught up with you yet, it soon will. So this week let’s look at ways of staying warm, both inside and outside.
First of all, make sure you get a toasty night’s sleep by ensuring you have a warm bed. Electric blankets will help warm it up so you don’t have to get in between cold sheets. You’ll want a heavy-duty duvet; it really is worth paying for quality here, as the best duvets will keep the heat in much better than cheaper options.

Fleece and flannel sheets will also help to store warmth.
We all have chunky knits, pullovers, and fleeces, but real warmth comes right from the bottom layer with thermal underwear. You can get basic stuff like granddad used to wear, but you don’t have to; there are some really attractive designs available these days. Synthetics, wool or even luxurious silk are available; the very best is merino wool, which will keep you warm and wick away any moisture.
Don’t let your feet get cold. Big socks come into their own in wintry weather. Some people swear by yak wool socks; if they can keep Mongolians and Tibetans warm in their six-month-long winters, they’ll work for you. Merino wool offers similar advantages but with a softer feel. Look for socks with a pile-lined or fluffy interior, which gives you an added layer of insulation.
Look after your hands with a good pair of gloves. If you need to be able to use your fingertips, but you’re working in a cold shed or garage, get fingerless gloves which will still keep your hands warm and your circulation moving. Leather or wool used to be the main choice, but now you’ll find a lot of gloves using different layers, particularly for waterproofing.

Looking after your hands (and face) should also include using a good moisturizer when you get home. Winter air is often very dry and can crack your skin. Lip salve is a must-have when you’re out in the cold, as well.
Keeping warm can be expensive. Heating bills have gone way up this year, and a goose down duvet can cost you a few hundred dollars. So save a bit of your hard earned money by looking for a good deal on Vipon. That should give you a nice warm feeling!

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