The Top 6 Breathtaking Global Ski Hotspots for 2020

Is there anything better than being on the slopes? Dressed up warm and cozy, sitting on the lift as it takes you all the way to the top. And then… freedom. Speed. Adrenaline. Surrounded by the incredible beauty of the mountains.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about the six best ski spots in the world. Go to any of these and expect nothing less than a world class skiing and resort experience.

  1. Park City, Utah

Nestled in the Wasatch Mountains is the small resort town Park City, Utah. It’s also home to the world-famous Sundance Film Festival. Every year, Hollywood stars grace the otherwise quiet locale.

When you hit the slopes of Park City, you immediately understand what all the hype is about. Utah claims “greatest snow on Earth”, and it’s for genuine reason. The cold, dry climate makes for powder unlike anywhere else.

Whether you’re sipping hot cocoa by the fire in a snug log cabin, or flying down one of the dozens of incredible slopes at Park City and Canyons resorts, you simply cannot go wrong visiting this spot!

  • Whistler, British Columbia

Over 2,000,000 people visit Whistler annually. And when you ride the famous “peak 2 peak” gondola for the first time, you’ll see why.

That’s right – this gondola holds the world record for the longest and highest lift in the entire world! And it includes a 360 degree glass view that is absolutely breathtaking. Remember, that’s just the lift to the mountain.

Whistler boasts one of the best snowfalls in the entire world. This makes it almost perfect conditions for skiing.

  • Zermatt, Switzerland

The Swiss are famous for their incredible detail. That’s how luxury Swiss watchmakers like Rolex and Patek-Phillipe can create watches worth tens of thousands of dollars. Tiny, intricate, extremely well connected pieces.

That attention to detail is alive and well in Zermatt, Switzerland. Zermatt is one of the “greenest” resorts in the world. So not only will you have an amazing time, but your footprint on the planet will be minimized the entire time. Not bad!

If you’ve been to Disneyland, you know the ride the Matterhorn. Well, that actually comes from Zermatt! So you will be able to see this incredible mountain up close and personal.

  • Courchevel, France

Courchevel France is the world’s largest alpine ski domain. It includes over 372 miles of ski runs crisscrossing between 10 different summits over 2,500 meters. You can get to every mile of this through a complicated system of over 60 lifts.

Courchevel has a reputation for being upscale, even as far as resort towns go. Yet it’s not without its reason. All of the snow on the resort is meticulously managed and groomed. And for expert skiers, it features what may be the most dangerous run in the world.  

  • Aspen, Colorado

The famous saying about Aspen is, “it’s where normal people go to feel famous and famous people go to feel normal”. Aspen couples small town vibes with the glitz and glammor of celebrity. And they pair together so naturally it’s like no other place in the world.

Maybe that’s why Aspen has been mentioned in more Hollywood movies than any other ski resort… ever!

The “Aspen Snowmass” is so large, 36 Disneylands could fit inside it. Lucky individuals or devoted explorers can stumble upon four monuments inside these mountains, dedicated to John Denver, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Jerry Garcia.

There’s plenty to do outside of skiing as well, with over 100 different bars and restaurants sprinkled throughout the small town.

  • Salzburg, Austria

Perhaps most famous for being the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg is also an absolutely incredible ski city.

One of the best parts of skiing in Salzburg is taking the train to multiple resorts. This will showcase the incredible beauty of the city and the country, and allow you to ski on every part of the incredible Salzburg alps.

Salzburg is a large, modern city with plenty of accommodations outside of skiing. Eat some of the finest food in the world or tour what is one of the most historically important western countries of all time.

In Conclusion

These are six of the most jaw-dropping ski resorts in the entire world. If you can make it to any one of them, you will have a memory that lasts a lifetime. If you’re serious about skiing, make this list a “bucket list”. Make it a goal to visit every single one of them in your lifetime.

Because as you now know, each offers a completely different experience. Whether in the USA or out, this world has enough amazing snow experiences for 1,000 lifetimes.  

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