Top Bags & Luggage For Travel

Wherever you’re traveling, you’ll need the right kind of luggage. That’s true whether you’re off on a business day trip or a round-the-world cruise, though of course, the specific kind of luggage you want will be different depending on the kind of travel you’re doing.
For complicated itineraries involving a lot of changes of transport, a backpack’s the best option. It leaves your hands free so you can deal with your tickets, money, boarding passes, and so on, and it’s better at stairs and uneven surfaces than a rolling suitcase.

One disadvantage of backpacks is that they can make you look like a student or a deadbeat. But luxury designer backpacks exist. So do rather clever backpacks which let you zip the straps into the luggage to convert it into a carry bag whenever you want to.
Duffel bags are another great way of lugging plenty of stuff around. They exist in every combination from cheap nylon to pure cotton canvas with brown leather accents.
Or you might just want to shove everything in a colorful tote, if for instance you’re taking a day to visit a local museum or do some antiquing. Kath Kidston’s cute, colorful bags are a joy, or you can look for totes with a message, or Hello Kitty bags which have become even more popular with parents than with their kids!

Trolley suitcases remain favorites with many travelers. Manufacturers make sure they fit most airlines’ size requirements for carry-on luggage, so they’re great if you’re a frequent flier making short trips. Check the reviews – the handles and wheels can be weak points, so it’s better to buy the best quality you can.
Then there are specific purpose bags, like camera bags for instance – made to protect your camera equipment against bumps and shocks. Anyone who takes their photography seriously will want a good camera bag, but remember if you use accessories like extra lenses for a DSLR, chargers, tripods and so on, you’ll want space for those too. Laptop cases, similarly, give your computer the protection it needs.

Good makeup bags make life easier, particularly if you have one ready packed that can just be chucked in your suitcase as soon as you know you’re going to be traveling.
However, there are two top tips which will really make your life so much easier. One is to buy foldable bags like luxury brand Longchamps’ ‘pliable’, which you can pack in case you buy too much stuff. The Longchamps bag has become a staple of Parisian style, folds down to the size of a tiny purse, and can handle a shopping trip, day at the beach, or picnic in the Jardin de Luxembourg.
And grab yourself some luggage tags so if you see twenty similar cases coming off a carousel, you know which is yours. Or buy bright purple and yellow bootlaces and tie them to the handle!

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