Top Handbags & Purse Ideas

Purses, shoulder bags, totes … the world is full of fashion choices, and this is one of the worst. Even choosing a classic purse, you can be left looking out of date very easily.
Beyoncé has apparently retired her Hermès Birkin bag in favor of a vegan leather Telfar. It’s a bit more affordable – a couple of hundred dollars compared to over a thousand.

Is that the end of Hermès? Probably not – but it shows how tastes can change very fast.
Unless you’re really a fashionista, in which case you won’t need to read the rest of this blog, it’s better to look for something that’s right for you, and that you enjoy, rather than trying to compete on the catwalk. Not everyone has the same style so you’ll need to ask yourself some questions.
First of all: do you cosset your purse or does it get slung on the floor, overstuffed at the flea market, and generally given hard treatment? If you’re tough on your tote, then think about buying a strong leather bag or a nylon Longchamps pliage for every day. Quilted fabrics, silk, patent leather are going to be tougher to look after.

Then think about what you need to take with you. If you need room for a laptop, sketchbooks, a camera, get a big tote; if all you need is your keys, your credit card and your smartphone, you could get a tiny bag. Or get two! One of the big 2022 trends is bags with their own Mini-Me’s.
Next, think about whether you want a structured purse with hard lines, or a softer bag. You might even want furry, in which case the fall 2022 fashions are going to delight you. There’s going to be a lot of fake fur about.
But softer might also mean a padded or quilted design, like the crescent bags that are another key fall 2022 design. Some have the handle designed as part of the bag, others are slung on a chain for a slightly more formal look.
Extra large totes are another great look, and useful if you are a mom who works, rather than one of the ladies who lunch. For real luxury get a big tote in soft leather. The messenger bag, often worn as a crossbody bag, is a great look too. Some are really capacious canvas bags, others are smart, small vertical purses that retain a practical feel but come in soft leather.

Of course, you don’t have to restrict yourself to one bag. Have one for work and one for holidays, or bags in different colors to go with different outfits, or a purse and a tote and a backpack; the combinations are endless. Don’t forget to look on Vipon for discounts, though, because fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth!

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