Valentine’s Super Sale: Check Out Our Amazing Gifts Ideas!

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Valentine’s Day can be a dreadful time for some people. There’s always one little girl in the class who doesn’t get a card. Or the ex who keeps sending increasingly hopeless vows of eternal love. Or the fact that your nearest and dearest really thinks you want a five-pack of skimpy bright red underwear instead of a new yoga mat?
Worse than all this, though, is the horrible array of choices facing you if you have to buy someone a Valentine’s Day present.

It’s impossible to say what’s right and what’s wrong. We could say “get personalized jewelry with both your names on it”, and some giftees will just love that. Others will think it’s vulgar. (One friend got his lawyer girlfriend a personalized necklace that says “I plead the Fifth”, though, and she loves it. She wears it to work all the time.)
Chocolates? Always acceptable – unless of course your beloved is trying to stick to a diet.
Romantic hearts and roses? Some people love them – others think they’re too cutesy.
If you want to get a gift that shows real affection, here are some other choices that could really work beautifully:
• A warm and pretty blanket or throw. Especially useful right now if there’s still snow outside, and you can add a hand written note saying “can we snuggle up?”

• Attractive stationery to use such as a journal or notebook, or some high quality writing paper (you might suggest you’d like a note from time to time).
• A herb or flower growing kit that can be started on Valentine’s Day. Herbs for the kitchen, or flowers for decoration and that can be planted outside once they’ve bloomed.
• A presentation box of herbal infusions or different flavored teas. Some boxes are so nice they can be used as jewelry boxes once the tea has all gone.
• A subscription for a pack of great coffee every month for the next year. (That’s real love, and good for a Valentine of either gender, which, let’s face it, fluffy slippers really aren’t.)

• You both love cocktails and you don’t have a cocktail shaker? That’s something you need to sort out!
• Don’t forget that sometimes small gestures are meaningful. That light-bulb that needs fixing, the grubby floor mat that needs replacing? If you have a few things like this on your list, get them done on February 13th!
And your friend in fixing all these things is Amazon, where you can find everything from LEDs to exotic teas. But look on Vipon first – we’re just Amazon with bigger discounts! Our Valentine’s sale is open NOW and runs through to 24th February, check it out here:
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