Warm Accessories & Gift Ideas For Winter

This winter has been hard, and it’s not over yet. There have been a few days that even with the heating turned up, the chill somehow gets in. And that means you need a cozy blanket.
But how to choose? There are so many different things to think about. What color? You might fancy a hot pink blanket, but will it go with the decor? Or don’t you mind? Grays and creamy whites are good for a minimalist or Scandinavian house, but make sure the white is creamy or there’s a little brown in the mix, so the underlying feel is warm rather than cold.

You might want plain. Juicy orange works well on its own. But you might prefer a pattern; stripes and checks are always in fashion. Or you might want a faux tiger skin. You could even get a blanket decorated with cute kittens or jolly dogs.
What about materials? The classic is pure wool; it’s really insulating and warm, and a hundred percent natural, too. But some brands now are using recycled fibers; recycled plastic bottles, surprisingly, can make a comfortable woven blanket, and you won’t have any problems with clothes moths.
Texture doesn’t have to be plain. One great look for a comfortable family room is a chunky knitted blanket. Loose knits also help to retain the warmth. Bouclé fabrics can also look great; the fuzzy, bobbly feel is both comfortable and stylish.

Alpaca, angora and cashmere are delightfully soft, but horribly expensive. If you’re after a throw for an elegant apartment, that’s great; if you have young kids, save cashmere for your best work scarf. And make sure you know what you’re buying; a lot of cashmere is mixed with regular wool, which isn’t as soft, or as good at retaining warmth.
Synthetic fleece and flannel are also worth thinking about. Polyester fibers retain heat pretty well, and you’ll find a lot of budget options. Some throws combine wool and poly together, which is a great mix; it can help you keep the clothes moths away, as well as saving money.
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