What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Maybe you achieved your New Year’s resolutions last year. Or maybe you’re looking back at them and thinking darn, I failed.
You’re still going to make some this year, aren’t you? Let’s look at some of the more common resolutions, what makes them fail, and how to get kick-started so you coast through January without losing impetus.
A really common resolution is to get fit. People buy a gym membership. Then they don’t use the gym. You’re actually more likely to get fit if you have a simple, easy-to-use exercise at home. Get some free weights, or a yoga mat, or a Pilates ball.
When the weather’s nice, get a good pair of running shoes and get going – round the block, then round two blocks, and you’ll be getting fit in no time. Or get Nordic walking poles for a less speedy, but equally good workout, from your own front door.

Did you plan to do more creative stuff this year? Sometimes it can be daunting starting out on a new craft, but you can buy a project kit that has everything you need in it, plus the instructions. Or for instance if you want to start painting or drawing, look for a set of paints or pencils; it’s much cheaper than buying them one at a time, but also means you won’t waste time when you don’t have the right color to hand.
Want to lose weight? Besides getting fit, you might consider buying weight loss supplements or pills, or meal replacement powder. A prebiotic fiber supplement could also help.
A slightly different take on weight loss comes from a French chef who recommended buying plenty of herbs and spices; the more intense the flavor, the less you need to eat. Try it out and see if it works!

Some people vow every year to ‘get organized’. Make this the year it happens by buying some good storage units or boxes, and a bunch of sticky labels so you know what’s in each box. If it’s your time rather than your stuff that needs organizing, grab a planner. It can pay to research different styles of planner first, as different folks prefer different planners. The Hobonichi Techo, though, has a lot of fans, as does the undated to-do list planner from Ban.do.
And perhaps your resolution is to save money. There are quite a few ways to do this, but don’t forget that Vipon can help – whatever you’re looking for, check out Vipon for a discount before you look anywhere else!

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