Wonderful Bathroom Accessories & Gifts!

So many bathrooms are just functional. They have a bath, a shower, a sink, a lavatory, a light over the sink, and that’s your lot. After all, it’s not a room you’ll spend much time in; at least, that’s what builders think.
Hotels know better. Luxury hotels go to town on their bathrooms because they know a properly relaxing bath is a real luxury. So follow the luxury hotel designer rather than the contract builder when you’re designing and equipping your bathroom.

Even the small things are important. Buy a more luxurious soap; an olive oil soap which will help moisturize your skin, soap scented with essential oils like orange flower, lemon or tea tree, or even donkey’s milk soap which may sound weird but is incredibly good for the skin (remember, Cleopatra bathed in asses’ milk). Bath bombs can also make a bath more fun.
Scents don’t have to be limited to soap. You might want to get some scented candles, potpourri, or just dab a drop of essential oil on each of your towels, so the bathroom smells great as soon as you open the door.
Storage is important; even a beautifully designed bathroom can look terrible if it has stuff scattered around. Get a couple of elegant bowls or dishes to hold supplies such as soap, cotton balls, and small bottles, and trays to hold your hairbrushes and other stuff. A set of shelves can help if you don’t have much space under the vanity.

Bars, rings, and hooks for hanging towels and dressing gowns will also change your storage abilities up a gear. In a small bathroom, an over-the-door set of hooks or mini shelves can add storage without taking up valuable space.
It’s never fun to use a thin, scratchy towel, so buy the best you can afford. Egyptian cotton is the softest you can get, in white for a hotel-fresh feel or colored to go with your decor.
Add some art on the walls. And get a better mirror; so often, mirrors are put in by the builders, who’ve bought the most basic and cheapest they can get at the depot. A French provincial style mirror can add luxury to the most basic bathroom. A better bath mat can help, too; you might even add a Persian rug, but make sure it’s colorfast.
And remember luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. Look on Vipon and you’ll find discounts that can get you much more luxury per dollar spent!

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