The Top 6 Breathtaking Global Ski Hotspots for 2020

Is there anything better than being on the slopes? Dressed up warm and cozy, sitting on the lift as it takes you all the way to the top. And then… freedom. Speed. Adrenaline. Surrounded by the incredible beauty of the mountains.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about the six best ski spots in the world. Go to any of these and expect nothing less than a world class skiing and resort experience.

  1. Park City, Utah

Nestled in the Wasatch Mountains is the small resort town Park City, Utah. It’s also home to the world-famous Sundance Film Festival. Every year, Hollywood stars grace the otherwise quiet locale.

When you hit the slopes of Park City, you immediately understand what all the hype is about. Utah claims “greatest snow on Earth”, and it’s for genuine reason. The cold, dry climate makes for powder unlike anywhere else.

Whether you’re sipping hot cocoa by the fire in a snug log cabin, or flying down one of the dozens of incredible slopes at Park City and Canyons resorts, you simply cannot go wrong visiting this spot!

  • Whistler, British Columbia

Over 2,000,000 people visit Whistler annually. And when you ride the famous “peak 2 peak” gondola for the first time, you’ll see why.

That’s right – this gondola holds the world record for the longest and highest lift in the entire world! And it includes a 360 degree glass view that is absolutely breathtaking. Remember, that’s just the lift to the mountain.

Whistler boasts one of the best snowfalls in the entire world. This makes it almost perfect conditions for skiing.

  • Zermatt, Switzerland

The Swiss are famous for their incredible detail. That’s how luxury Swiss watchmakers like Rolex and Patek-Phillipe can create watches worth tens of thousands of dollars. Tiny, intricate, extremely well connected pieces.

That attention to detail is alive and well in Zermatt, Switzerland. Zermatt is one of the “greenest” resorts in the world. So not only will you have an amazing time, but your footprint on the planet will be minimized the entire time. Not bad!

If you’ve been to Disneyland, you know the ride the Matterhorn. Well, that actually comes from Zermatt! So you will be able to see this incredible mountain up close and personal.

  • Courchevel, France

Courchevel France is the world’s largest alpine ski domain. It includes over 372 miles of ski runs crisscrossing between 10 different summits over 2,500 meters. You can get to every mile of this through a complicated system of over 60 lifts.

Courchevel has a reputation for being upscale, even as far as resort towns go. Yet it’s not without its reason. All of the snow on the resort is meticulously managed and groomed. And for expert skiers, it features what may be the most dangerous run in the world.  

  • Aspen, Colorado

The famous saying about Aspen is, “it’s where normal people go to feel famous and famous people go to feel normal”. Aspen couples small town vibes with the glitz and glammor of celebrity. And they pair together so naturally it’s like no other place in the world.

Maybe that’s why Aspen has been mentioned in more Hollywood movies than any other ski resort… ever!

The “Aspen Snowmass” is so large, 36 Disneylands could fit inside it. Lucky individuals or devoted explorers can stumble upon four monuments inside these mountains, dedicated to John Denver, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Jerry Garcia.

There’s plenty to do outside of skiing as well, with over 100 different bars and restaurants sprinkled throughout the small town.

  • Salzburg, Austria

Perhaps most famous for being the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg is also an absolutely incredible ski city.

One of the best parts of skiing in Salzburg is taking the train to multiple resorts. This will showcase the incredible beauty of the city and the country, and allow you to ski on every part of the incredible Salzburg alps.

Salzburg is a large, modern city with plenty of accommodations outside of skiing. Eat some of the finest food in the world or tour what is one of the most historically important western countries of all time.

In Conclusion

These are six of the most jaw-dropping ski resorts in the entire world. If you can make it to any one of them, you will have a memory that lasts a lifetime. If you’re serious about skiing, make this list a “bucket list”. Make it a goal to visit every single one of them in your lifetime.

Because as you now know, each offers a completely different experience. Whether in the USA or out, this world has enough amazing snow experiences for 1,000 lifetimes.  

Basic Ski Tips You Must Know Before Your First Time

Want to know how to make winter your favorite season? Learn how to ski!

Skiing can either be the most relaxing, or most exhilarating experience you have all winter. The best part is, it’s not too difficult to get into.

Today’s article is a primer on basic ski technique. Read it before you hit the slopes and you’ll be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you.

Dress Warmly With Layers 

The first step is to make sure you have the right equipment. It can get VERY cold out on the slopes. If you aren’t wearing the right clothes, you’re going to have a miserable time.

The most important point to remember with ski clothes is not to wear ANYTHING cotton. As you’re skiing, you’ll probably work up a sweat. If you’re wearing cotton, the sweat will stick to the fabric. First, this makes the cotton lose it’s ability to insulate. But even worse, it’s now created a very cold layer that will actually sap the warmth from your body.

If you wear cotton, even if you have a heavy down outer layer on, you’ll be freezing underneath it!

Renting vs Buying

If you’re a complete beginner, I recommend you rent skis instead of buying them brand-new. Skiing is a lot of fun but it’s not for everyone. Better to find that out the cheap way through renting some decent skis that’ll get you through the day.

Take a Lesson

Now, I’m going to describe some basic ski techniques to you in the next section. However, this is just a primer for the ski lesson I highly recommend you take. These are affordable and every ski resort offers them. Generally, they last just 30 minutes and can be the difference between confidence on the slopes, and feel like you fall down every second.

There are a lot of intricacies you need to learn to get on the lift safely. Taking the time to get a lesson will help keep you and the other skiers on the mountain safe.

Skiing Basics

Now for the fun part. Actually skiing!

Before you get to the slopes, you’re going to want to practice clipping your skis into your boots. First, do it in a dry area. Feel the unique bindings of your ski snap together. Then, if you have snow outside, put some snow into the ski to practice.

Once you’ve clipped your skis on, practice standing up and getting the balance.

Now, when you arrive at the resort, go to the side of the lift. Usually, there is a small hill that beginners can practice on.

Snowplow Stance

Snowplow stance is the easiest way to safely move with skis. First, put your feet shoulder width apart. Angle the skis inwards so you form an arrow. In this stance, you’ll find that you can easily control your speed. You’ll also feel the most secure and balanced.

Practice going down the small hill in this snowplow stance. When you feel comfortable, you can move onto the beginner hills. On small slopes, snowplow stance can help you slowly make your way down the hill.

Keep Your Knees Bent

Our knees are natural shock absorbers. When bent, they help absorb impact and keep us on our feet. When you first start skiing, you may want to tense up your knees. Initially, this can feel more secure.

However, if you look your knees you will fall very quickly and painfully. So make sure to always keep in mind that when your knees are bent, you’re stable.

Stay Away from Powder at First

You may have heard that powder is heaven for skiers. And, that’s absolutely true… once you have a hang of balancing and skiing down hill. Because if you fall in powder, you can get stuck. While not exactly painful, it can be difficult for a beginner to get back up and balanced. For this reason, stick to the beginner hills until you’re confident you can stay on your feet, turn, and stop reliably.

Don’t Look Down

As a beginner, you’ll likely look down to stabilize yourself. This is fine when you’re just getting your balance. But move away from this as quickly as possible. Looking straight ahead is the only way to safely ski. It allows you to see everything coming up and any other skiers in your path. Too often beginners worry about their skis crossing, so they look down… only to get hit by another skier they didn’t see. Don’t let it happen to you!

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve never skied before, you really have to try it. By following the basic tips outlined in today’s article, you’ll have the right mindsets before you hit the slopes. This will ensure you learn quickly and can get out on the slopes as quickly as possible. Who knows, maybe you’ve found your new passion!

These 5-Minute Crafts Turn Household Trash into Treasure!

Did you know that the average American tosses 4.4 lbs of trash per day?

It might not seem like that much. But since there are over 300 million people living in the USA, that’s roughly 728,000 TONS of daily garbage. Or enough to fill 63,000 garbage trucks.

So in today’s article, I’m going to give you some creative ways to reuse common items you’d normally think of as trash. I think you’ll be surprised by just how useful the stuff you throw away can be.

Toilet Paper Rolls

When the toilet paper runs out, replace it, and toss the old cardboard roll, right? WRONG. This little piece of cardboard is insanely useful around the house. Here are just a few things you can make with it.

Tie/Belt Hanger

It can be tough to keep all your belts and ties organized. This craft makes it simple. All you need is an empty toilet paper roll.

Use scissors to cut the roll into about 10 equal sized circles. Then, using glue, attach it to the bottom of the hanger. Make sure to place each circle right next to each other. Now, you can hang ties and belts through these circles, allowing you to put at least 10 in one easy location.

Yarn Spool

This is an easy one. Simply make a slit around 1/3rd of the way down the roll. Then take one end of the yarn you want to wrap up. Slide it into the slit so it holds still. Then wrap a bit of it around one of the ends.

The idea is to roll all the yarn around the toilet paper roll, forming a spool. Yet this can take a long time. So, if you use a handheld mixer, you can stick the beater inside the tube. Then turn it on and watch as your yarn rolls up almost instantly!

Homemade Decorations

When you cut a toilet paper cardboard into individual circles, these circles can then be bent and glued together to make incredible designs. For example, if you want to make a flower, cut the roll into 10 equal sized pieces. Then crease them together so they are flat. Allow it to expand out again. By combining this shape in a star pattern, you’ll quickly have a makeshift flower. You can paint this and glue it together for a completely unique home decoration I can promise you won’t see anywhere else.

Silica Gel

These little packets are found in all kinds of products. You know the look – little bags of powder with large warnings of DO NOT EAT on them. These are almost always thrown away immediately.

Well, did you know they can actually save a wet phone? Keep them in a safe place. Then if you ever drop your phone into water, put it in a Ziplock bag with a handful of these. They will almost magically suck the water right out – in most cases, making your phone good as new. 

Silica Gel packets can also be used to de-fog a car windshield or bathroom mirror. Dry a wet swimsuit in a hurry. Prevent rust on razor blades. And even keep toiletry bags dry during travel.

Tic Tac Boxes

Like Tic Tacs? Don’t throw the boxes away!

These conveniently sized boxes can be used for all sorts of things. You can put a mini pencil sharpener inside, and when you sharpen the pencil the shavings will go right into the box. Or, you can put the head of your toothbrush in it while traveling to keep it clean and dry.

Tic Tac boxes can be used to store paperclips and other crafting materials. And you can even use it to keep spices stored and organized in the kitchen.

Soda Bottles

Soda bottles are made out of a durable, water resistant plastic. This kind of plastic can take centuries to erode naturally in nature. Which is why we should reuse them if possible. Thankfully, they make perfect soap containers. Simply buy a soap pump from the store… or even better, reuse one from an old bottle. Make sure it’s the correct size to fit on the bottle. Then fill the bottle up with soap.

This works even better with glass bottles. Especially the classic Coca-Cola look. Just imagine having a glass coke bottle that stores your soap, or anything else you need near the sink. It gives a vintage style and costs pennies. Best of all, it’ll be a great conversation starter, since I’m confident none of your guests will have ever seen anything like it.

In Conclusion

These are just a few simple ideas on how you can be less wasteful at home. As you can see, even though these items are commonly thrown away, they can have a lot more value if you use a little creativity. Have fun!

3 Hearty and Delicious Recipes that’ll Keep You Warm All Winter

There’s nothing quite like a hot meal on a cold day. Which is why today, I’m going to share 3 of my favorite winter recipes with you.

These are simple to make and will make the whole family happy.

Cabbage and Pork Soup

This is an incredibly healthy and delicious meal. Best of all it takes just minutes to prepare. The following recipe is good to serve 4 people a full and complete meal. 

Prep Time: 25 Minutes

Cook Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Clean Time: 10 minutes


1 medium size cabbage (savoy or white)

300 grams of smoked pork belly/bacon

1 medium size carrot

1 onion

3 cloves

8 cups clear chicken stock

1 tablespoon of butter

Salt and pepper

4 slices of bread


  • Slice the cabbage in half. Then, slice each half in half again, creating quarters. Put the quarters in a pan and fill it to the top with cold water. Then put it on the stove and heat it until it boils. This is called blanching the cabbage.
  • When cabbage is blanched, take out and cut lengthwise into slices.
  • Slice the onion in half. In one half, insert 3 whole cloves. Cut the other half in half, creating 2 quarters.
  • Slice the carrot into 1-2 cm pieces
  • Cut the bacon/pork belly into 1-2 inch cubes
  • Put 1 tbsp of butter into a large soup pot. Heat on medium
  • When butter starts to pop, put in carrots and 2 onion quarters. Let cook 10-20 seconds.
  • Add half of the cabbage.
  • Layer the bacon/pork belly around the cabbage “bed”.
  • Add the onion half with the cloves and cover with the rest of the cabbage.
  • Pour in chicken stock
  • Cover and simmer for 1:15
  • Preheat oven to 375 F
  • Put 4 slices of artisan bread on a flat oven pan and cook for 10 minutes (no oil needed)
  • Serve full bowl of soup with toasted bread soaked in the broth.

Simple Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup was invented in Italy around 1875. The word is thought to come from a combination of two words. Loosely translated, this means “to remedy”. In other words, this is a hot, very healthy soup that will keep your immune system up and running strong.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 55 minutes

Clean Time: 10 minutes


1 small onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 zuccini

2 celery stocks

2 medium potatoes

1 carrot, julienne

4 cups vegetable broth

1 can of diced tomatoes

1 can of cannellini beans




Salt and pepper


  • Heat oil in a large pot in medium heat.
  • Add onion and garlic and sauté for a 3-4 minutes.
  • Add zucchini and celery.
  • Add vegetable broth, diced tomatoes, beans.
  • Add carrots and potatoes.
  • Add spices.
  • Stir everything thoroughly and then add 3 cups of hot water (add more or less water based on the consistency you want.
  • Bring to a boil and then continue cooking over medium-low heat for 45 minutes.

French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup is a classic dish that is absolutely perfect for the winter season. The onions combined with the beef stock gives it an absolutely delicious, sweet taste. And topping with toasted bread and cheese makes a dish that is practically to die for. All prepped and ready in under an hour!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 50 minutes

Clean Time: 10 minutes


5 yellow/white onions

2 tbsp butter

1 tspn grapeseed oil

1 glass dry white wine

32 oz organic beef stock

1 tbsp flour

Thyme, rosemary, bay leaf

White cheese to taste

1 slice of robust bread


  • Mince onions
  • Put pan on medium heat, add both butter and grapeseed oil
  • Add all the onions (it should fill the pot almost to the top)
  • Cook onions for 30 minutes, stirring every 5 or so. By the end, the consistency should be a light brown (caramelized)
  • Add the white wine to deglaze the bottom of the pan
  • Add flour, mix well and cook for 1 minute
  • Add beef stock
  • Add herbs
  • Let the soup simmer for about 20 minutes
  • Preheat oven to 375
  • Cook sliced bread for 10 minutes
  • Add salt and pepper to soup to taste
  • Fill a bowl to the top with soup. Add the toasted bread. Cover generously with cheese.
  • Put the bowl in the oven on broil for 2 minutes (after oven is hot)

Closing Thoughts

As you can see these recipes are easy, cheap, and a lot of fun. Not to mention they’re healthy and delicious enough to please even the pickiest eaters. Try them out and leave us a comment letting us know which one you like the most.

6 Surprising Best-Selling Amazon Products in 2019

Have you ever wondered which items sell the most on Amazon?

Well, wonder no more! In today’s article, I’ll show you 6 of the best-selling products on Amazon for 2019. I tried to find some products that are a little unique and unexpected. At the same time, they’re extremely popular. This is what everyone is buying. So I hope you find a new favorite product, or something that inspires you.

Leggings Depot High Waisted Leggings

Reviews: 14,902

Star Rating: 4.5

It’s no secret that leggings are in style. And, they probably always will be. Thanks to their extreme comfort and the fact that they work for almost any occasion, I imagine these will be in high-demand for a long time.

The Leggings Depot leggings seem to stick out due to their quality of fabric. They are form hugging and sexy. Yet they don’t reveal panty lines, and they won’t rip if you’re doing squats in the gym.

We’ve also seen that plus-sized people gravitate towards this brand.

ZonLi 20 lbs Weighted Blanket

Reviews: 3,209

Star Rating: 4.5

Weighted blankets are a life saver for anyone suffering from insomnia. Most of us know the feeling. Lying awake while the thoughts race through our minds. The more we try and ignore them the louder they seem to get. Before we know it, it’s time to get up and we haven’t even slept yet.

Well, weighted blankets show a lot of promise for solving this. How? Well, they simulate the pressure we felt in the womb. This subconsciously calms us and helps use feel safe, which drastically lowers our anxiety. Ultimately, it’s our anxiety that causes our thoughts to race and prevents us from sleeping. So if you struggle with sleep at all… I can’t recommend this product enough.

Wyze Easy Set-Up Security Cam

Reviews: 20,186

Star Rating: 4.5

Look: these days security cameras are so affordable… and so high-quality… I believe everyone should have one. The Wyze set-up cam streams to the cloud. Which means it is always recording, at no hassle to you. If anything happens, you’ll see right away. You can even set it up to alert you if it detects motion.

It has near perfect night vision, allowing you to keep track of valuable areas when they are most vulnerable. And, it’s incredibly easy to set up. Using the app, you can change directions, monitor the feed, hear audio, and even speak through the other end! Please do not leave your security up to chance. Get this Wyze camera and you’ll sleep better at night… I promise.

Kanoodle Educational Game

Reviews: 1,153

Star Rating: 4.5

Kanoodle is a new game that people of all ages can enjoy. Best of all, it’s educational and will help teach children important logic and reasoning skills.

It’s a puzzle game that requires a lot of thought and concentration to figure out. And most reviewers say it’s addicting. Although it starts out easy enough, by the time you get to the highest levels it’s incredibly difficult, even if you consider yourself a very smart person. Give it a try – I know you won’t regret it.

Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils

Reviews: 2,819

Star Rating: 4.5

Essential oils almost couldn’t be more popular right now. And for good reason. They have practically limitless uses. From aromatherapy to healing aches and pains, essential oils are having a remarkably positive impact in millions of lives across the world.

Natrogix Bliss is a special set of essential oils. First off, it contains 9 of the most popular oils on the planet. These include peppermint, frankincense, eucalyptus, sweet orange, rosemary, lemongrass, tea tree, lemon, and lavender. So, it’s a great starter set.

But what most reviewers really love about this set is the innovative packaging. Clearly made with a passionate artistic eye and a keen attention to detail, this packaging is a must-see. And it makes the natrogix bliss essential oils set an incredible gift!

Fujifilm Instamax Camera

Reviews: 4,810

Star Rating: 4.5

We live in the era of the selfie. And if you love Instagram, then you’ll love this camera. Why? Well, it prints out pictures it takes in less than 60 seconds! So you can pose with yourself or with your friends and take a picture. Less than a minute later it will be printed out, ready to be put on the refrigerator or hung anywhere else your heart desires.

With this latest model, it even includes a built-in selfie mirror so, so you can see exactly what the printed picture will look like before you take it! This is not only the perfect product for someone who loves taking pictures with friends… it’s the perfect gift.

Closing Thoughts

All of these products are extremely popular. And, I did my best to find some unique ones as well. I hope I was able to spark some ideas on some new products to buy. And remember… on Vipon, we get 45,000 coupons every single day. So before shopping on Amazon for these products, check Vipon first. Odds are we have a 50%+ off coupon for whatever you’re looking for (although it might be a different brand).

8 New Christmas Traditions the Whole Family Will Look Forward to Every Year

Christmas is more than just a date on the calendar. It’s a time of year. Just following Thanksgiving, there’s a little more cheer in the air.

One of the best ways to make Christmas more special and rememberable is to have family traditions. When you do these, they act like small rituals signifying the holiday. And they will create some of the strongest, best memories you’ll ever have.

Chances are you already have some Christmas traditions. In today’s article, we’re going to give you 7 of our favorites. Try them out!

1. Go Christmas Caroling

Christmas carolers help make the season bright. By going door to door, or singing in public, these carolers are integral to helping others feel that special Christmas charm. And, now you can be one of them.

When I was young, one of our favorite traditions was taking gifts to the neighbors while caroling. We’d bake some zucchini bread and hand it out with sparkling cider. We’d start singing right as the door opened.

We made unforgettable memories, as well as helped create a strong bond in the community.

2. Christmas Countdown

Part of the fun of Christmas is the anticipation. Having a Christmas countdown helps you see every single day as it draws near. Kids especially love seeing the countdown start at 25 at the start of the month and seeing it approach 1 – Christmas Eve.

Advent calendars are another way of doing this. They have chocolate inside for every day. So every day you can open another door and get a nice treat.

3. Christmas Pajamas

Christmas pajamas are a great way to up the family spirit. By getting a matching set of pajamas, the whole family has some cozy, special clothes for the holiday. When everyone is sitting around opening presents, listening to music, and wearing those matching jammies… it’s unforgettable.

Many different stores have Christmas pajamas on sale during the holiday. And on Vipon, we regularly have entire family sets of pajamas at 50% off or even more.

4. See a Christmas Concert

Another one of my favorite family traditions is going to a large cathedral downtown. There we’d listen to classic Christmas songs sung by a highly talented catholic choir. I’m willing to bet there’s a big church offering a free Christmas concert near you, too. These events are usually short and festive. In my hometown, the cathedral is packed full of cheerful people celebrating the holiday and uniting in brotherly love. Just be sure to get there early. If the concert is free, it will probably fill up almost immediately!

5. Help Those in Need

Christmas is a time of giving. And no one needs our help more during the holidays than others less fortunate. Fortunately, there are dozens of easy ways you can give back. Usually around this time, the post office will run a food drive. Here you can leave canned foods right by your mailbox, to be automatically picked up and donated by the USPS.

You can also volunteer. Soup kitchens always need help. And this lets you directly meet and talk to the people you’re helping. This is also the season for larger charity events and galas. So if you have a little more money you’d like to donate, these events can be a great place to meet new friends.

6. Watch a Christmas Movie

Another family tradition I had growing up is watching, “It’s a wonderful life” every Christmas eve. I always looked forward to this. Not because I loved the movie especially (I was young at the time)… but because watching it meant Christmas was almost here.

There are a lot of Christmas classics, so it should be easy to find something your whole family enjoys. Some of my favorites include a Christmas Story, Elf, The Santa Claus, Home Alone, and It’s a Wonderful Life.

7. Have a Cookie and Hot Chocolate Night

When it’s cold outside, every night is a hot chocolate night. Still, you can make an official day of it to make it even more special. Get the family together and bake cookies. Cover them with Christmas frosting and sprinkles. Look up a classic hot chocolate recipe online and really put some time into making it delicious.

8. Write Letters to Santa

Writing letters to Santa can be one of the most exciting parts of the year. Even for adults! This is your chance to really figure out what you want for Christmas this year. It gives parents and adults a shopping list… and gives kids the chance to join in on one of the world’s favorite Christmas traditions.

In Conclusion

These are 8 simple traditions that I know your family will love. If one sticks out to you, try it out. It could become your family’s new favorite tradition!

Winter Get You Down? Here’s How to Feel Happier than Ever

Winter can be depressing. It’s backed by science. It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder, and tens of millions of Americans suffer from it.

Why does it happen? Well, with Daylight Saving’s time, it cuts the amount of sunlight we’re exposed to. Plus, during the winter, in cold places, people bundle up. And sunlight is critical to our health. So during the winter, we aren’t getting the natural Vitamin D we need to feel our best.

Then there’s the holidays and the stress those bring. So, if you historically get a little down during the winter, I have some good news. It’s treatable. And, it’s not too difficult either.

Symptoms of Seasonal Depression

First, I’m going to give you a breakdown of seasonal depression symptoms. Now, very important: I am not a doctor. This is not health advice. These are just some average symptoms so you can see what your experience is. If you find yourself really suffering from some of these, you need to see a doctor ASAP.

  • A change in appetite, especially a craving for sweet or starchy foods
  • Weight gain
  • A heavy feeling in the arms or legs
  • A drop in energy level
  • Fatigue
  • A tendency to oversleep
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability
  • Increased sensitivity to social rejection
  • Avoidance of social situations—not wanting to go out


Light Therapy for Seasonal Depression

One of the biggest causes of SAD is lack of sunlight. Fortunately, we now have lamps that mimic the effect of sunlight on our skin. Which means if you use this light for even just 30 minutes a day, your body will create all the nutrients needed for you to be happy and feel great.

Very important: these lights are NOT the same as the lights in tanning beds. So you will not get the same benefits from a tanning bed! Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary skin risk by tanning to try and get rid of seasonal depression. It won’t have the desired effect.

Light Alarm Clock

Now we’re going to take the last tip to the next level. Mornings may be the most difficult part of winter. There’s nothing like having to wake up in the pitch black when you can practically see your breath.

If the thought of that makes you groan, I’ve got amazing news. They actually make lamps that go off to an alarm. Which means you can put this lamp in your bedroom. One hour before your wake-up time, the light slowly starts to turn on. It takes a whole hour to get 100% on, mimicking the rising sun. Not only that, but this is the kind of lamp that helps your body make Vitamin D too!

So not only are you waking up naturally, to a soft, growing light, you’re also getting the sun exposure you need to keep your happy hormones working. If you suffer from seasonal depression, just this one tip could be a complete and total game changer for you.

Get Very Warm Clothes

To enjoy winter, you have to get some dominion over the cold. If the cold scares you… if you hate the cold… you’re going to be miserable by default.

By far the most important way to overcome the cold is to master layers. Layers is a way of dressing where, as you might have guessed, you wear layers of clothes. On the bottom you have a thermal, long-underwear style. Then a fleece. Then top it off with a 900 fill down jacket.

Combine this with thermal long underwear under jeans, and you are going to be toasty… well looking great. It’s true – winter is a great time for fashion. And if you embrace that, and get warm clothing, you’ll find yourself actually looking forward to exploring the winter wonderland outside!

Get Your Heart Beating

Now for the icing on the cake: exercise. Look, when it’s cold outside, you need to balance that out. One of the best ways to do that is exercise. When you get your heart pumping, you increase your circulation. You get that nice, warm 98 degree blood pumping through your veins, warming you from the inside out.

Also, did you know you can burn up to 3x the calories in the cold? How? Shivering! Shivering is designed to warm you up ASAP. So it literally melts fat to be able to do so. When you have the right clothes, you may begin to love long walks outside. It’s great exercise. It’s simply beautiful. And you’re burning 3x the calories! Not bad…

Closing Thoughts

If you combine these 4 tips together, I know you’re going to see a marked improvement. In fact, you may even start to love winter. A lot of people do.

The 7 Most Beautiful U.S. Cities to See in the Winter

Winter makes the familiar look brand-new. Everyday streets and buildings become winter wonderlands full of surprises. Just being out in it all can be one of the most rewarding activities you do all year.

But if you really want to experience snow… in all its majesty, beauty, and fun… make sure to visit one of these cities during the winter. Make a trip of it. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is known worldwide as one of the most gorgeous spots on planet earth. It’s a valley cozily nestled between the Teton and Gros Ventre mountain ranges. It features top-tier ski slopes and restaurants serving fresh fish and game meats from the surrounding area.

Beautiful U.S. Cities

It’s also home to hundreds of world-class hiking trails and snowshoeing paths. Whether you’re in town at the local saloon, kicking it with all the other tourists… or cozying up in a cabin by the fire… or exploring the great outdoors, you can’t go wrong with Jackson Hole!

  • Park City, Utah

Park City is most famous as the home of the Sundance Film Festival. During this festival, A-list celebrities, actors, and directors fly in from all around the world. They screen films… and hit the bars and slopes.

Beautiful U.S. Cities

Park City is about 40 minutes away from the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City. It is a high-end resort town featuring 5-star dining and lodging experiences. There are several major ski resorts located right in town.

Utahns famously state that Utah has the greatest snow on Earth. Why? Because of the climate, the powder is able to stay dry without packing too much. This gives the powder an incredible feeling that must be experienced to be believed.

  • Ouray, Colorado

Picture this scene. You’re out in the mountains. Looking forward, you see a frozen waterfall towering 45 feet in the air. Across the waterfall are people with icepicks, climbing to the top. To the right, you look and see the entrance to an abandoned mine. Welcome to Ouray, Colorado.

Beautiful U.S. Cities

Ouray is a small town in the sprawling Rockies. It’s the perfect set-up for any outdoors activity in the snow. It’s most popular among climbers, who spend the day climbing and the night soaking away the soreness in hot tubs. But if you’re the kind of person who loves winter beauty… it’s for you.

  • Stowe, Vermont

Everyone who has watched a Hollywood movie knows what a Vermont winter looks like. With picturesque covered bridges lining small country roads, Vermont is the ski capital of the East Coast.

Beautiful U.S. Cities

The city of Stowe is covered in heavy snow, giving it a “snowed in” charm. Choose from dozens of different activities while in town, from skiing, to horseback riding, and even dog sledding.

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico

When you think of New Mexico, snow is proably not the first thing that comes to your mind. And that’s part of why it’s such a great location for it. Although it doesn’t get the huge snowfalls of places like Colorado or New York, it gets enough to cover the red desert rock faces with a powder sugar like coat.

Beautiful U.S. Cities

Long known as an oasis of spiritual energy, people visit from all over to feel the calming, healing vibes of this amazing city. Perfect for when you are looking to nature for a hard reset.

The locals who live in Santa Fe love Christmas, and have their own unique way of celebrating it. If you’re in the area during the holidays… it’s absolutely worth checking out.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

This one is not for winter beginners. Minneapolis gets one of the heaviest snowfalls in the US. And there are few states that get even close to as cold, and stay that way for as long.

Beautiful U.S. Cities

That being said, the people of Minnesota thrive in it. And if you want to visit a city that transforms in the winter… and skiing and ice skating become more of a way of life than a recreational activity… you will love this city.

  • Anchorage, Alaska

Plane tickets to Anchorage are dirt cheap in the winter. This is because most people believe the capital of Alaska is way too cold to visit in the winter. But is it really? Actually, the lowest average temperature is 11 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is very cold… but, most of the other cities on this list are just as cold, if not colder.

Beautiful U.S. Cities

Anchorage is home to some of the most gorgeous, awe-inspiring nature in the whole world. But that’s not all. During the winter, you can actually see the Northern Lights. It’s the only state in the USA where that’s possible!

People who live in Anchorage know how to survive and thrive in the winter. So, if you feel the call of the wild… take the trip and see for yourself.

10 Can’t Miss Black Friday Deals From 5 Top Retailers

Black Friday gets bigger and bigger every year. It’s a double-edged sword. You can absolutely get the items you’re looking for at rock bottom prices… if you can find the right deal.

So we wanted to make it easy for you this year. In today’s article, we’ll be going over some of the top retailers in the world. We’ll also tell you our top picks and why.

Let’s dive in.

Vipon Giveaways & Sweepstakes

We’ve worked hard to make Vipon the place to save money on Black Friday. In fact, if you time it right, Vipon will save you more than anywhere else this year.

Here’s why:

We’ll have an entire “Black Friday” section on our website from November 25th to Dec 2nd. Most of these products will have a coupon between 30% – 80%.

Black Friday Deals

But here’s where it gets good…

On “giveaway” products, you have a chance to win a 99% discount. $89 products become $0.89. You get the idea. Your odds of winning are good. And even if you don’t win, you still get 30% – 80% off top-quality items.


Costco’s Black Friday events start November 28th. They offer major discounts both in-store and online. Here are our top picks:

$200 Off Macbook Air 13.3”

Macbook Air may be the most convenient laptop on the planet. It’s featherlight and just millimeters thick. But that doesn’t stop it from being powerful. With this computer you can design, study, and even start a business.

$500 Off VIZEO 70” 4k tv

This TV is absolutely massive, and crystal clear. Your favorite shows have never looked so good. It’s a smart TV, meaning it features Netflix, Amazon video, Disney+, YouTube, Hulu, and every other streaming app you love. And it’s a whopping $500 off…

$125 Off Trinity 72” Stainless Steel Workbench with Pegboard

If you are looking for a sturdy, modern, practical workbench that looks amazing… this is your deal. It’s simple and compact, yet you’ll be blown away by how much storage there is. With attention to detail obvious in every aspect, this is a deal we rate as can’t miss.

Black Friday Deals


Lowes has Black Friday deals available now. And many of them will be available through December 5th. So, you can take your time on these great deals. Here are our recommendations:

$1,000 Samsung Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

There’s something about a stainless-steel French door fridge. It adds a level of comfort and luxury to every setting it’s in. Modern and strong, stainless steel will be in vogue for years to come. And at $1,000 off… it’s tough to beat.

$100 Off Artificial Christmas Tree

Look… you might not think it, but Christmas Trees are a place where a little money goes a long way. With this deal, you can get a luxury level Christmas Tree. You’ll notice the difference. With the season coming up, I wanted to include this because it’s an excellent way to bright up your home, just in time for the holiday.


If you’re a gamer… or have gamers in your family… you’ll love these Playstation deals. Playstation offers these Black Friday deals from Nov 24th – Dec 2nd.

$160 Off PS4 Bundle

This PS4 bundle comes with one of three platform-defining games. The Last of Us: Remastered, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn. Each game features a sprawling world and cinema quality storylines.

Black Friday Deals

$160 Off PS4 Pro Bundle

Playstation 4 pro offers the best graphics of the generation. Featuring more processing and graphics power, PS4 pro games look and run better than the stock ps4. If you have a nice TV, you will want the Pro for higher resolution and better graphics.

$20 Off PS4 Controller

Playstation controllers can be expensive. Yet you’re going to want more than one if you ever want to play it with friends or family. And this $20 off deal is the perfect time to stock up and save big.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club has deals from Nov 29th – Dec 1st . Here are our top picks:

$70 Sonos Smart Soundbar

This soundbar fits perfectly under all modern TVs. The sound quality is pristine, featuring a booming bass and a loud, projecting sound. The levels are matched perfectly, allowing the right sounds to come out at the right time.

$100 Off Jackson Power Theater Chair

Part of the fun of watching TV and movies is relaxing. And there’s no better way to relax and watch tv than this power theater chair. Pop your popcorn and recline back in your chair. You’ve earned it!

$100 Off Xbox

We had our playstation deals. At Sam’s Club, you can get an xbox for $100 off. Xbox has a few exclusive games like Halo and Gears of War.

8 Ways to Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner (Without Sacrificing Quality!)

There’s nothing quite like sitting down with friends and family for a big Thanksgiving Dinner.

Of course, to get there is a whole different story. It can take untold hours to fix the meal, plus hundreds—if not thousands—just to get all the supplies and ingredients.

Which is why in today’s article, I’m going to give you 8 ways to save your bank account without sacrificing the quality of the day.

  • Have a Budget

The first step is to define exactly how much you want to spend on Thanksgiving dinner. Why is this important? Well, if you don’t have a budget in mind, it’s easy for costs to quickly spiral out of control.

Without a budget, you’ll find yourself walking down the aisles of the store, putting various things in your basket. By the time you reach the checkout, you’re shocked with what the price of it all is. Of course, by that point, it’s usually too late.

On the other hand, when you have a budget, you’ll make sure to get the important things first. After that, you can add any extras on that still fit within the budget. If you find you budgeted too little, you can expand your budget. But by simply having it, you’ll keep costs contained.

  • Cook What Food You Need

One of my favorite parts about Thanksgiving is leftovers. However, what leftovers mean is that you cooked—and bought—more food than you actually needed.

So, there’s room to save a lot of money here. Ask yourself how much leftovers you want… or if you need any at all. If not, you can buy a lot less food than normal, while still making sure everyone is full the day of.

Now, if you do end up with a lot of leftovers…

  • Turn Leftovers into Hearty Post-Thanksgiving Dishes

These leftovers can turn into amazing future meals, saving you the cost and time it takes to make them. You can turn the turkey bones and excess meat into a delicious stew. You can make a casserole. Or, you can keep it simple and make a turkey sandwich.

  • Go Light on the Extras

Thanksgiving is more than just a turkey. There are appetizers, decorations, and all sorts of accessories that go along with the holiday. If you are looking to save money, make sure to boil it all down to what you really need. Odds are, that’s a Turkey, potatoes and other veggies, and a pie. Sure, your home may not look as festive. But the money is going where it counts… on the table… and in your bank account.

  • Have Guests Bring Dishes

There’s no reason why you should foot the bill for everyone at the dinner table. And most times, guests are more than happy to bring a dish… provided you give them instructions.

When it comes time for Thanksgiving, make a list of everyone who is going to come. Then figure out what they can bring based on what you know about them. Some may have speciality dishes they’ve prepared in the past – ask them if they can bring it. When you do this type of organizational work for people, it makes it easy for them to help. The more guests who bring dishes, the better (and cheaper!) the meal is for everyone.

Also, having your guests pitch in goes beyond food. You can even have people bring decorations. This is especially good for either people in your family who are good with crafts, or people who aren’t sure what else they can bring.

  • Make Decorations from Leaves

With Fall in full bloom, the leaves outside are absolutely gorgeous. Why not use them as free decoration? If you press leaves in between books for a few weeks, you can frame them for one-of-a-kind artwork that costs almost nothing. You can also incorporate them into wreathes and other festive décor.

  • Start Buying Now

If you are the type of person who leaves Thanksgiving until the last minute, not only is that causing you stress… it’s costing you big time! Giving yourself time to plan accomplishes a few things.

First, you can only buy the items you need when they’re on sale. Second, you can comparison shop to make sure you are getting the absolute best prices for every single item.

When you’re at the store, be sure to compare generic prices vs name brand. If you are buying only name brand, that will often cost a few dollars more per item. With an entire shopping cart full, this adds up big time.

  • Put an Emphasis on FUN

Thanksgiving may be the biggest “food” holiday there is. So, the food has to be good. But as long as it meets the standard of good, it’s not what people will remember the most. No, they’ll remember the experience they had during Thanksgiving.

So, make it fun. Plan games that the whole family can enjoy. Gestures, ping-pong, and scavenger hunts are always big hits. Learn about the history of Thanksgiving and share it at the table. And before you dive into the meal, go around the table and have everyone list at least one thing they’re thankful for.