Beauty Accessories & Organizers

Most blogs about makeup are about what cosmetics and skincare items to buy, or how to use them.
But you rarely read about how to organize them. Which means 90 percent of women are coping with having some things in their handbags, some in the bedroom, some in the bathroom, and some… lost down the back of the couch, probably.

If you have a vanity with drawers, instead of filling the entire drawer up with different stuff, get yourself some drawer organizers. That way, you can have all your regular stuff for a day at work in one place, and your party glamor stuff in another; or all your mascaras in one place and your lipsticks organized by color. Smaller compartments are great for accessories like bobby pins and cotton balls.
Clear organizers are great news as you can see what you’re picking up. Whether you use a mason jar or clear box or tray, or, as a friend does, Ferrero Rocher boxes she’s been given for her birthday. (Yes, of course she eats the chocolates first.)

Get a proper holder for your makeup brushes, so they don’t lie around spreading powder or gathering dirt. A mug will do, but a purpose bought pot is much nicer.
A Lazy Susan can also make a great base for pots of your most commonly used products; it will keep them tidy but you’re not going to have to reach for what’s at the back, just flick the Lazy Susan round when you need to. It’s also a great way to make use of the corner of a vanity nearest the wall, where normally, you wouldn’t put stuff because it would be too far out of the way.
Don’t forget beauty products can be beautiful. Some people actually collect perfume bottles; the Lalique Trésor de la Mer 1936 limited edition for Saks sold at auction for over $200,000! If you have really beautiful products, even if they’re not collectors’ items, you might want to display them on a shelf, or even buy a shadow box to mount some of them on the wall. (Don’t do that with products you want to use every day, though!)

Mason jars or other glass jars can be great for keeping stuff like hair ties, cotton wool balls, and makeup pads. The lid will stop dust and dirt getting in, and you’ll be able to see what’s in them. Better still get a set of jars that come with a matching tray, so they’re kept neatly together.
On a slightly different tack you might want to keep your hairdryer out of sight when it’s not needed. Easily done – buy an over-the-door caddy and keep it tucked neatly in the bathroom cupboard!
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Top Bags & Luggage For Travel

Wherever you’re traveling, you’ll need the right kind of luggage. That’s true whether you’re off on a business day trip or a round-the-world cruise, though of course, the specific kind of luggage you want will be different depending on the kind of travel you’re doing.
For complicated itineraries involving a lot of changes of transport, a backpack’s the best option. It leaves your hands free so you can deal with your tickets, money, boarding passes, and so on, and it’s better at stairs and uneven surfaces than a rolling suitcase.

One disadvantage of backpacks is that they can make you look like a student or a deadbeat. But luxury designer backpacks exist. So do rather clever backpacks which let you zip the straps into the luggage to convert it into a carry bag whenever you want to.
Duffel bags are another great way of lugging plenty of stuff around. They exist in every combination from cheap nylon to pure cotton canvas with brown leather accents.
Or you might just want to shove everything in a colorful tote, if for instance you’re taking a day to visit a local museum or do some antiquing. Kath Kidston’s cute, colorful bags are a joy, or you can look for totes with a message, or Hello Kitty bags which have become even more popular with parents than with their kids!

Trolley suitcases remain favorites with many travelers. Manufacturers make sure they fit most airlines’ size requirements for carry-on luggage, so they’re great if you’re a frequent flier making short trips. Check the reviews – the handles and wheels can be weak points, so it’s better to buy the best quality you can.
Then there are specific purpose bags, like camera bags for instance – made to protect your camera equipment against bumps and shocks. Anyone who takes their photography seriously will want a good camera bag, but remember if you use accessories like extra lenses for a DSLR, chargers, tripods and so on, you’ll want space for those too. Laptop cases, similarly, give your computer the protection it needs.

Good makeup bags make life easier, particularly if you have one ready packed that can just be chucked in your suitcase as soon as you know you’re going to be traveling.
However, there are two top tips which will really make your life so much easier. One is to buy foldable bags like luxury brand Longchamps’ ‘pliable’, which you can pack in case you buy too much stuff. The Longchamps bag has become a staple of Parisian style, folds down to the size of a tiny purse, and can handle a shopping trip, day at the beach, or picnic in the Jardin de Luxembourg.
And grab yourself some luggage tags so if you see twenty similar cases coming off a carousel, you know which is yours. Or buy bright purple and yellow bootlaces and tie them to the handle!

Warm Accessories & Gift Ideas For Winter

This winter has been hard, and it’s not over yet. There have been a few days that even with the heating turned up, the chill somehow gets in. And that means you need a cozy blanket.
But how to choose? There are so many different things to think about. What color? You might fancy a hot pink blanket, but will it go with the decor? Or don’t you mind? Grays and creamy whites are good for a minimalist or Scandinavian house, but make sure the white is creamy or there’s a little brown in the mix, so the underlying feel is warm rather than cold.

You might want plain. Juicy orange works well on its own. But you might prefer a pattern; stripes and checks are always in fashion. Or you might want a faux tiger skin. You could even get a blanket decorated with cute kittens or jolly dogs.
What about materials? The classic is pure wool; it’s really insulating and warm, and a hundred percent natural, too. But some brands now are using recycled fibers; recycled plastic bottles, surprisingly, can make a comfortable woven blanket, and you won’t have any problems with clothes moths.
Texture doesn’t have to be plain. One great look for a comfortable family room is a chunky knitted blanket. Loose knits also help to retain the warmth. Bouclé fabrics can also look great; the fuzzy, bobbly feel is both comfortable and stylish.

Alpaca, angora and cashmere are delightfully soft, but horribly expensive. If you’re after a throw for an elegant apartment, that’s great; if you have young kids, save cashmere for your best work scarf. And make sure you know what you’re buying; a lot of cashmere is mixed with regular wool, which isn’t as soft, or as good at retaining warmth.
Synthetic fleece and flannel are also worth thinking about. Polyester fibers retain heat pretty well, and you’ll find a lot of budget options. Some throws combine wool and poly together, which is a great mix; it can help you keep the clothes moths away, as well as saving money.
And while you’re trying to save money, why not take a look at Vipon before you head for the mall? Vipon has loads of extra-deep discount deals to give you a nice warm feeling, even before your blanket arrives!

Valentine’s Super Sale: Check Out Our Amazing Gifts Ideas!

We just opened our Valentine’s super sale, be sure to check it out for the best deals on amazing gift ideas. Hurry while stocks last, the sale closes 14th February.

Valentine’s Day can be a dreadful time for some people. There’s always one little girl in the class who doesn’t get a card. Or the ex who keeps sending increasingly hopeless vows of eternal love. Or the fact that your nearest and dearest really thinks you want a five-pack of skimpy bright red underwear instead of a new yoga mat?
Worse than all this, though, is the horrible array of choices facing you if you have to buy someone a Valentine’s Day present.

It’s impossible to say what’s right and what’s wrong. We could say “get personalized jewelry with both your names on it”, and some giftees will just love that. Others will think it’s vulgar. (One friend got his lawyer girlfriend a personalized necklace that says “I plead the Fifth”, though, and she loves it. She wears it to work all the time.)
Chocolates? Always acceptable – unless of course your beloved is trying to stick to a diet.
Romantic hearts and roses? Some people love them – others think they’re too cutesy.
If you want to get a gift that shows real affection, here are some other choices that could really work beautifully:
• A warm and pretty blanket or throw. Especially useful right now if there’s still snow outside, and you can add a hand written note saying “can we snuggle up?”

• Attractive stationery to use such as a journal or notebook, or some high quality writing paper (you might suggest you’d like a note from time to time).
• A herb or flower growing kit that can be started on Valentine’s Day. Herbs for the kitchen, or flowers for decoration and that can be planted outside once they’ve bloomed.
• A presentation box of herbal infusions or different flavored teas. Some boxes are so nice they can be used as jewelry boxes once the tea has all gone.
• A subscription for a pack of great coffee every month for the next year. (That’s real love, and good for a Valentine of either gender, which, let’s face it, fluffy slippers really aren’t.)

• You both love cocktails and you don’t have a cocktail shaker? That’s something you need to sort out!
• Don’t forget that sometimes small gestures are meaningful. That light-bulb that needs fixing, the grubby floor mat that needs replacing? If you have a few things like this on your list, get them done on February 13th!
And your friend in fixing all these things is Amazon, where you can find everything from LEDs to exotic teas. But look on Vipon first – we’re just Amazon with bigger discounts! Our Valentine’s sale is open NOW and runs through to 24th February, check it out here:
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Post-Holiday blues? Get Fixing! DIY Gift Ideas

Never mind New Year’s resolutions, after spending so much time at home over the holidays, some of us are looking at our homes and thinking we need to get things in order.
For instance, you got a nice picture but you still don’t have a picture frame for it! It’s time to go shopping, and you can do that online. Take your dimensions and off you go! Or it may be you’ve got lovely photos of children and grandchildren and nowhere to put them; do yourself a favor and look for a pack of frames that will group them nicely together.

Lots of us have small collections. Modern sculpture or little tchotchkes, they get put on shelves but often you can’t really see them all that well, and they retreat into the background instead of being the highlights that they should be. It’s time to get some display lighting for your shelves. There’s plenty online, from classy brass fittings to hidden spotlights.
Got some books as presents? Get yourself a pair of bookends to stop them falling over, or to let you use the mantelpiece or the back of your desk as an impromptu bookcase. Some favorites we’ve seen recently are rustic cast iron ducks and chickens, art deco clear plastic, and adorable but expensive Fornasetti bookends in the shape of gorgeous Florentine palazzi.

A lot of people find cooking for the entire family over the holidays really shows up the deficiencies in their kitchens. First of all, if you don’t have a book rest for your cookery books (or iPad), get one; it makes following recipes so much easier. Clear up your counter; get a pot for your wooden spoons, hooks for hanging ladles and scoops, baskets for your napkins or cutlery.
If your kitchen (or doors, or furniture) just feels a bit drab, you don’t need to redecorate; just go shopping for new handles and knobs! Faceted glass knobs can add a bit of shiny glitz, and replacing old wooden knobs by contemporary chrome can bring a kitchen right up to date really easily.

If the holidays exposed a bit of clutter, you don’t have to do decluttering right now, but you might want to buy a few good storage containers to keep stuff out of sight till you’ve decided what to do with it. Or maybe it was just room to hang everyone’s coats you ran out of? That’s easy to fix by looking for a cute hook-board for your entryway or mudroom.
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Great Gift Ideas, Gadgets & Accessories!

The world of tools is divided into three kinds. First are the regulars, the tools you know you need; screwdrivers, kitchen knives, wrenches, and so on.
Secondly you have the really clever tools that do one thing really well and you wish you’d known about years ago.
And thirdly, you have the supposedly clever tool that someone invented last year, is selling like hot cakes this year, and will inevitably be selling for fifty cents at every yard sale next year.
The difficulty is telling categories two and three apart! If you look for ‘clever gadgets’ on a search engine, you’ll find tons of class three gizmos. Real clever tools are the ones where you say “I wish I’d known about that years ago!”
For instance, the French have a great way with garlic; a little ceramic dish with tiny sharp teeth. You rub the garlic on the plate, the teeth strip and mince, and you can just tip the chopped up garlic with all its juice into the dish you’re making.

The Gorilla gripper is another wonderfully useful answer to a common problem. If you’ve ever tried to carry a plywood sheet that’s so wide you can’t get your arm round it, the Gorilla gripper is what you need. It clamps to the edge of the wood, making a comfortable rubberized handle.
Shredding pulled pork with a couple of forks takes forever and the forks twist and turn in your hands and get clogged up with meat. The answer? Bear paws. Much easier to grip, with well spaced claws that don’t clog.
You may use fridge magnets and a magnetic knife rack. But move up into top gear with a magnet wristband, which will hold all the little nails, screws, nuts, bolts and other tiny pieces that will otherwise get lost. A magnetic tool holder that can grip to the side of your car is another great idea so you don’t lose tools when working outside.
And at home, grab a USB charging port that will let you use one electrical outlet for 6 USB chargers. That’s enough for everyone’s smartphone on the entryway table, or all your devices in your home office.
Other potentially life-changing gadgets are an LED headlamp for working in dark corners (like behind your desktop), oil and lemon juice spray bottles for the kitchen, and silicone baking mats.
And a potentially life-enhancing site is Vipon, of course. Get discounts from 10 to 50 percent, or even more, when you buy through the site!

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Maybe you achieved your New Year’s resolutions last year. Or maybe you’re looking back at them and thinking darn, I failed.
You’re still going to make some this year, aren’t you? Let’s look at some of the more common resolutions, what makes them fail, and how to get kick-started so you coast through January without losing impetus.
A really common resolution is to get fit. People buy a gym membership. Then they don’t use the gym. You’re actually more likely to get fit if you have a simple, easy-to-use exercise at home. Get some free weights, or a yoga mat, or a Pilates ball.
When the weather’s nice, get a good pair of running shoes and get going – round the block, then round two blocks, and you’ll be getting fit in no time. Or get Nordic walking poles for a less speedy, but equally good workout, from your own front door.

Did you plan to do more creative stuff this year? Sometimes it can be daunting starting out on a new craft, but you can buy a project kit that has everything you need in it, plus the instructions. Or for instance if you want to start painting or drawing, look for a set of paints or pencils; it’s much cheaper than buying them one at a time, but also means you won’t waste time when you don’t have the right color to hand.
Want to lose weight? Besides getting fit, you might consider buying weight loss supplements or pills, or meal replacement powder. A prebiotic fiber supplement could also help.
A slightly different take on weight loss comes from a French chef who recommended buying plenty of herbs and spices; the more intense the flavor, the less you need to eat. Try it out and see if it works!

Some people vow every year to ‘get organized’. Make this the year it happens by buying some good storage units or boxes, and a bunch of sticky labels so you know what’s in each box. If it’s your time rather than your stuff that needs organizing, grab a planner. It can pay to research different styles of planner first, as different folks prefer different planners. The Hobonichi Techo, though, has a lot of fans, as does the undated to-do list planner from
And perhaps your resolution is to save money. There are quite a few ways to do this, but don’t forget that Vipon can help – whatever you’re looking for, check out Vipon for a discount before you look anywhere else!

Gadgets & Handy Tools For Your Home

There is nothing quite as annoying as having something basic break down in your home. Except that there’s one thing that’s even more annoying; having something break down, and not having the right tools to fix it!
A lot of things are easily fixable, or at least fixable enough to wait for the professionals to come round. For instance, if you have a dripping pipe, if you’ve got some PTFE tape you can at least stop it for the time being, though that’s not a permanent fix.

Have some basic tools and supplies on hand so you can deal with problems, and do a little DIY if you want to.
First of all, get some good glue. A lot of articles never mention glue, because it’s not a tool, but having superglue, wood glue, and sealant to hand is so useful for everyday breakages. If you have neoprene glue you can even use it to resole shoes. Putty is useful, too.
Secondly, get some wrenches, and make sure they are the right size for your taps and pipes. Or just – which is far easier – get a good set of wrenches, or a couple of adjustable wrenches (a small one and a big one), because you know if you only have one, inevitably the nut you need to tighten will be just a sixteenth of an inch too big or too small.

Screwdrivers are similar to wrenches – you’ll need an assortment. You can also get a multi bit screwdriver, which is good if you’re short on space; but make sure you don’t lose any of the bits, because the one you lose is going to be the one you’ll need!
A tape measure ought to come high up the list. Whenever you need to buy spares, or new shelves, or new furniture, you’ll want to measure up before you go to the store. Take your tape measure with you and you’ll always come back with the right size fittings.
Also high on the list is a level. You don’t have to be laying a wall to need one; if you’re hanging pictures, you’ll want to make sure they’re not askew. And if you’re hanging pictures, get a stud finder which can prevent you hammering a nail into an electric cable or a water pipe.

Get yourself a good multitool. This will give you pliers, a knife blade, basic screwdrivers, and other useful tools (including a bottle opener). And get a utility knife, plus a pack of replacement blades.
Grab a flashlight. Things that break or come undone always seem to be in a dark corner, or at the back of a closet.
And finally, get yourself a good toolbox to put your tools in, so that you know where they are when you need them.
This could cost you a lot. But of course, we’re going to recommend you look on Vipon first, and save yourself some money!

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Staying Warm With Wonderful Winter Accessories

We just got a Facebook post from a friend in the Yukon. It made us shiver; snow, snow everywhere, knee-deep already!
Even if winter weather hasn’t caught up with you yet, it soon will. So this week let’s look at ways of staying warm, both inside and outside.
First of all, make sure you get a toasty night’s sleep by ensuring you have a warm bed. Electric blankets will help warm it up so you don’t have to get in between cold sheets. You’ll want a heavy-duty duvet; it really is worth paying for quality here, as the best duvets will keep the heat in much better than cheaper options.

Fleece and flannel sheets will also help to store warmth.
We all have chunky knits, pullovers, and fleeces, but real warmth comes right from the bottom layer with thermal underwear. You can get basic stuff like granddad used to wear, but you don’t have to; there are some really attractive designs available these days. Synthetics, wool or even luxurious silk are available; the very best is merino wool, which will keep you warm and wick away any moisture.
Don’t let your feet get cold. Big socks come into their own in wintry weather. Some people swear by yak wool socks; if they can keep Mongolians and Tibetans warm in their six-month-long winters, they’ll work for you. Merino wool offers similar advantages but with a softer feel. Look for socks with a pile-lined or fluffy interior, which gives you an added layer of insulation.
Look after your hands with a good pair of gloves. If you need to be able to use your fingertips, but you’re working in a cold shed or garage, get fingerless gloves which will still keep your hands warm and your circulation moving. Leather or wool used to be the main choice, but now you’ll find a lot of gloves using different layers, particularly for waterproofing.

Looking after your hands (and face) should also include using a good moisturizer when you get home. Winter air is often very dry and can crack your skin. Lip salve is a must-have when you’re out in the cold, as well.
Keeping warm can be expensive. Heating bills have gone way up this year, and a goose down duvet can cost you a few hundred dollars. So save a bit of your hard earned money by looking for a good deal on Vipon. That should give you a nice warm feeling!