Top Toys & Games For Kids: Unleashing Creativity and Fun!

As the days grow longer and the weather becomes warmer, spring ushers in a renewed sense of adventure and playfulness in children. At Vipon, we believe in nurturing this vibrant spirit with toys and games that not only entertain but also stimulate creativity and learning. Here’s our curated list of top toys and games for kids this season, guaranteed to provide endless hours of fun and development.

Creative Sketch Books

Encourage the little artists in your home with high-quality sketch books. These blank canvases are perfect for doodling, sketching, or painting, providing an outlet for kids to express their creativity. Look for sketchbooks with durable covers and quality paper that can handle a variety of mediums, from crayons and markers to watercolors.

Engaging Card Games

Card games are timeless treasures that offer both fun and learning opportunities. They can teach strategy, numbers, and even social skills as children play and interact with others. From classic games like “Go Fish” and “Old Maid” to newer, innovative games designed to challenge young minds, there’s a card game out there for every age and interest.

Thrilling Remote Control Toys

For action-packed play, remote control toys are a hit among kids of all ages. Drones, cars, and even robots that zip, zoom, and fly, bringing excitement and a bit of healthy competition to outdoor play. These toys not only provide hours of entertainment but also help develop hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

Bubble Guns for Magical Fun

Nothing says spring like the whimsical sight of bubbles floating in the air. Bubble guns take the joy of bubble blowing to the next level, allowing kids to create a flurry of bubbles with the simple press of a trigger. They’re perfect for backyard play, picnics, or any outdoor gathering, adding a magical touch to any activity.

Garden Games for Outdoor Adventure

Encourage kids to soak up the sun and fresh air with garden games that make outdoor play irresistible. Giant versions of classic games like Jenga, Connect Four, or even bowling set up easily in the backyard for family fun. These games are not only entertaining but also encourage physical activity and teamwork.

Musical Toys to Hit the Right Notes

Introduce kids to the joy of music with toys that let them explore sound and rhythm. Whether it’s a toy drum set, a mini keyboard, or even a simple set of maracas, musical toys can spark an early interest in music and help develop a sense of rhythm and coordination.

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This spring, unleash your child’s imagination and zest for life with these top toys and games. Whether they’re creating a masterpiece, strategizing over a card game, or exploring the great outdoors with garden games, there’s something special for every child to enjoy. And remember, for the best deals on these kid-approved favorites, head over to Vipon. We offer a wide array of discounts and offers on Amazon, ensuring you get the best value for quality toys and games. Let the spring adventures begin!

Top 7 Pet Accessories for Your Furry Friends

Pets are like family members. With the growing trend of pet parenting, providing your pets with the best accessories has become a priority for many. At Vipon, we understand the needs of your furry companions.

Here’s a guide to the Top 7 pet accessories for your beloved pets, covering a range of needs for dogs, cats, and other pets. Remember to check out VIPON for the best deals for these trending accessories. 

1. Comfortable Pet Beds for Home and Car

A comfortable night’s sleep is as important for your pet as it is for you. Make sure to choose a bed that is the right size and shape for your pet. From plush beds for cats to orthopedic beds for older dogs, there are options to suit every pet’s needs. And when it comes to travel, car beds ensure your pet’s comfort and safety on the road. These beds are designed to fit perfectly in your car, providing a cozy and secure spot for your pet during long drives.

2. Convenient Pet Carriers

Whether you’re visiting the vet or embarking on a vacation, a reliable pet carrier is a must-have. Pet carriers come in various sizes and styles to suit different pets. For the jet-setting pet, you can get airline-approved carriers, while for daily commutes, there are ergonomic and breathable carriers make the journey comfortable for both you and your pet.

3. Automated Pet Feeding and Water Machines

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring your pet is well-fed and hydrated while you’re away is a concern for many pet parents. Automated feeding and water machines are the perfect solution for making sure your pet has food and water while you are at work. These devices can be programmed to dispense food and fresh water at set times, ensuring your pet never misses a meal or a drink.

4. Pet Grooming Essentials

Grooming is a crucial aspect of pet care that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It’s about maintaining your pet’s physical health as well as their appearance. Different breeds and coat types require specific grooming tools and techniques. Here’s a look at some of the top grooming accessories that are beneficial for a variety of pets.

For pets with longer coats or those that need regular haircuts, a good quality set of hair clippers is indispensable. Look for clippers that are specifically designed for pets, offering features like quiet motors to avoid startling your animal and adjustable blades to accommodate different hair lengths. Brushes are also a great accessory and serve different purposes from making your pet’s coat shine to skin health. With the right tools in hand, grooming can become a bonding experience, bringing comfort and happiness to both pets and their owners.

5. Fashionable Pet Clothes

Pet fashion has evolved significantly over the years, becoming more than just a statement. Today, it’s about combining style with practicality to enhance the comfort and well-being of our furry friends. From functional attire to fashionable accessories, the range of pet clothing available caters to a variety of needs and occasions. 

As temperatures drop, it’s crucial to ensure that our pets stay warm and cozy, especially those that are small, short-haired, or older. Winter outfits like insulated coats, sweaters, and even booties are designed to provide warmth and protection against the cold. These are particularly beneficial for breeds that are prone to the cold or for pets living in harsh weather conditions.

Pet costumes have become incredibly popular, especially during holidays and special occasions. Dressing up pets in fun and creative outfits can be a delightful way to include them in celebrations. However, it’s important to ensure that these costumes are comfortable and don’t restrict movement or the ability to relieve themselves.

6. Engaging Pet Toys

It’s so fun to play catch with your dog or tease your cat with a string toy. Toys are crucial for your pet’s physical and mental stimulation. Our collection includes everything from chew toys for teething puppies to interactive play toys for cats. Keep your pet entertained and active with fun, durable and safe toy options. 

7. Durable Pet Collars and Leads

Safety comes first, and a sturdy collar and lead are essential for outdoor adventures. A reliable collar and lead are more than just accessories; they are vital tools for managing and protecting your beloved animals during outdoor adventures. Choosing the right collar and lead for your pet is about balancing style, comfort, and safety. It’s important to consider the specific needs of your pet, including their size, breed, behavior, and the environment in which they will be using these accessories. 

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At Vipon, we’re passionate about enhancing the lives of pets and their owners. With our selection of top pet accessories, we ensure your pet enjoys comfort, style, and fun. And the best part? You can get amazing deals on all these products. Choose from hundreds of Amazon coupons for trending pet products on Vipon and give your pet the quality they deserve without breaking the bank. Visit Vipon today and make your pet’s day!

The Best Tools & Home Improvement Accessories

Transforming your living space into a dream home or tackling that long-overdue DIY project can be an exhilarating experience. For many, the joy of home improvement lies in the process itself – envisioning, planning, and executing. But what truly elevates this journey is having the right tools and accessories at your fingertips.

This is where VIPON steps in, offering an array of astounding deals on tools and home improvement accessories that blend quality with affordability. Our curated selection of tools and accessories is tailored to empower both seasoned DIY enthusiasts and novices alike. With discounts that are hard to resist, VIPON is your go-to destination for sprucing up your toolbox without breaking the bank.

Dive into a World of Versatile Tools

Power Tools for Every Need:

Whether you’re looking to drill, cut, sand, or polish, our range of power tools is designed to meet diverse requirements. From high-performance drills and saws to versatile multi-tools, find equipment that makes light work of heavy-duty tasks.

Hand Tools for Precision and Mastery:

For tasks that demand precision and care, our collection of hand tools is a treasure trove. Discover everything from screwdrivers and hammers to pliers and wrenches, crafted for comfort, efficiency, and durability.

Innovative Accessories for a Smooth Workflow:

Enhance your efficiency with our range of tool accessories. Drill bits, saw blades, sanding pads, and more – each accessory is designed to complement your tools, ensuring a seamless workflow.

Home Improvement Accessories to Elevate Your Space

Organizational Tools for a Clutter-Free Environment:

Keeping your space organized is key to a productive work environment. Discover shelving units, tool organizers, and storage solutions that keep your tools and accessories neatly arranged and within easy reach.

Safety Gear for Ultimate Protection:

Safety is paramount in any home improvement project. Explore our selection of safety glasses, gloves, ear protection, and helmets that ensure you stay protected while you work on your dream project.

Lighting Solutions to Brighten Your World

Transform the ambiance of your space with our range of lighting solutions. From sleek LED strips to elegant light fixtures, find options that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood and functionality of your home. VIPON offers an array of lighting options to suit every need:

Ambient Bedroom Lighting:

Create a peaceful and serene bedroom environment with our selection of night lights and projector lamps. These soft lighting options are perfect for a relaxing ambiance, helping you unwind after a long day.

Decorative Lighting Solutions:

From elegant chandeliers to trendy LED strip lights, our decorative lighting range adds a touch of glamour and style to your home, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Functional Outdoor Lighting:

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with our durable and efficient outdoor lighting solutions. Whether it’s garden lights for a cozy patio or security lights for your driveway, find the ideal lighting to make your outdoor areas safe and inviting.

Home Security

In the era of smart homes, staying connected and secure has never been more important. VIPON’s range of electrical accessories ensures your home is at the forefront of technology:

Home Security Cameras:

Keep an eye on your property with our advanced home security cameras. With features like motion detection, night vision, and remote access, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is monitored and secure.

Smart Home Entry Systems:

Upgrade your home’s accessibility with smart home entry systems. From keyless door locks to smart doorbells, experience convenience and security at your fingertips.


Our exclusive discounts and offers are designed to provide maximum value, making it easier and more affordable to equip yourself with the best tools and accessories for your home improvement projects.

With our amazing deals on tools and home improvement accessories, you’re equipped not just with tools, but with the power to bring your vision to life. Explore our extensive range of deals and discover how VIPON can transform your home improvement dreams into reality.

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The countdown is on for the biggest shopping event of the year! As November rolls around, the excitement builds up for one of the most awaited days for shoppers around the globe – Black Friday!

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  • Fashion: Discover unbeatable deals on the latest trends in clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry to elevate your style game.
  • Electronics: Dive into a world of cuttingedge gadgets, from smartphone accessories to speakers, at jaw-dropping prices.
  • Home and Kitchen: Transform your living space with incredible offers on kitchen accessories,  cookware, and decor that turn your house into a dream home.
  • Toys and Games: Unleash your inner child or treat your kids to a world of fun with a vast array of toys, board games, and video games.
  • Sports and Outdoors: Elevate your active lifestyle with premium sports gear, activewear,  and outdoor equipment for your next adventure.
  • Beauty and Grooming: Pamper yourself with highquality makeup, skincare,  and grooming essentials that enhance your natural beauty.
  • Crafts and Hobbies: Fuel your creative passions with an array of supplies for various crafts and hobbies,  from knitting to model building.
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Top Halloween Accessories on Sale Now at Vipon!

It’s that spooky time of year again, where goblins, witches, and zombies roam the streets in search of treats and fun. As we inch closer to Halloween, the hunt for the perfect costume and accessories intensifies. Luckily, Vipon has got you covered with a spook-tacular sale on top Halloween accessories!

The Essential Accessories for Your Costume
Every Halloween enthusiast knows that a costume is incomplete without its accessories. From the gleaming witch’s broom to the pirate’s menacing eye patch, Vipon’s sale has an extensive collection of add-ons to make your costume stand out. Don’t miss out on the Olivcker Elf Costume for Women, perfect for a fairy Halloween ball gown. (Click here to get the Elf Costume). Also, check out the ubehoow Halloween Skeleton Onesie which comes with a zipper hooded jumpsuit and a 3D skull mask. (Click here to get the Skeleton Onesie)

Haunting Home Décor
Set the mood for a hauntingly delightful Halloween party. With spider web table runners, glow-in-the-dark wall decals, eerie animated props, and the Halloween Decorations Indoor Set which includes an LED Boo Sign, 31pcs Halloween 3D Bats Sticker, Spider Web Fireplace Mantel Scarf, and a Happy Halloween Banner. (Click here to get the Halloween Decorations Set)

Halloween Toys and Goodies
Keep the little ones entertained with the Halloween Mochi Squishy Toys for Kids. This set comes with 24 PCS squishies and a pumpkin bucket, making it perfect for Halloween party favors and goodie bag stuffers. (Click here to get the Squishy Toys Set)

Light Up the Night
Illuminate your Halloween night with a variety of lighting options. Think pumpkin lanterns, LED-lit ghost strings, and even motion-activated floor mats that give your visitors a little jolt of surprise. Don’t forget the scaling women Halloween Decorations Outdoor Lights which includes LED string lights with a DIY pendant horror lamp. (Click here to get the Outdoor Lights)

Halloween Baking Accessories
Who says Halloween is just about dressing up? Whip up some spooky treats using Halloween-themed baking accessories. From ghost-shaped cookie cutters to pumpkin muffin molds, let your baked goods be a reflection of the spooky season. And for those who love air frying, the Bellamei 2 Pack Air Fryer Silicone Liners are a must-have. (Click here to get the Silicone Liners)

Halloween Jewelry and Trinkets
If dressing up isn’t your thing, but you still want to join in on the fun, Halloween-themed jewelry might be for you. Think bat earrings, skull pendants, and spider web bracelets – subtle, yet perfectly in tune with the season.

Why Shop at Vipon?
The Halloween sale on Vipon isn’t just about variety, but also quality. With amazing discounts and a trusted platform, you’re guaranteed to get value for your money. Plus, the easy navigation of their website means your shopping experience will be as smooth as a ghost floating through walls.

Ready to dive into the world of Halloween delights? Check out Vipon’s massive sale on top Halloween accessories here. Hurry, as these deals are so good they might just vanish into thin air!

Make this Halloween memorable with the right accessories. After all, it’s the little details that make the biggest difference. So, gear up and let the spooky celebrations begin!

Happy Haunting!

Top Gift Ideas for Men: Celebrating, Your Partner, Husbands, and Dads

Finding the perfect gift for the special men in our lives can be a delightful yet challenging task. Whether it’s your loving husband, supportive father, or amazing dad, they deserve a thoughtful gift that reflects their unique interests and shows appreciation for all they do.
We have curated a list of top gift ideas that will make their day memorable. From practical gadgets and stylish accessories to hobbies and experiences, these gift ideas cater to different personalities and celebrate the remarkable men in our lives. Let’s explore the world of thoughtful gift-giving!

Tech Gadgets and Accessories:
For tech-savvy men, consider gifting the latest gadgets or accessories that enhance their digital experiences. From smartwatches and wireless headphones to portable chargers and phone accessories, these gifts combine functionality with style.
Personalized Items:
Add a personal touch to your gift by opting for personalized items. Engrave their name on a wallet, custom-made cufflinks, or a monogrammed toiletry bag. These thoughtful gifts showcase their individuality and create lasting memories.
Grooming and Self-Care Products:
Help the men in your life look and feel their best with grooming and self-care products. Consider high-quality shaving kits, beard grooming sets, or skincare products tailored to their specific needs. These gifts promote self-care and a little pampering.

Hobby-Related Gifts:
Support their hobbies and passions with gifts that align with their interests. Whether it’s a golf accessory, fishing gear, cooking tools, or DIY equipment, these thoughtful gifts show that you appreciate their unique pursuits and encourage them to indulge in their favorite pastimes.
Fashionable Accessories:
Enhance their style with fashionable accessories. Consider a classy wristwatch, a sleek leather wallet, or a stylish tie. These timeless pieces elevate their fashion game and remind you of your love and appreciation.
Books and Literature:
For literary enthusiasts, explore books that cater to their interests. Whether it’s a gripping novel, a biography of their favorite personality, or a book on a specific topic of interest, these gifts offer knowledge, entertainment, and moments of relaxation.
Outdoor and Adventure Gear:
If the men in your life enjoy outdoor adventures, consider gifting them gear for their next escapade. From camping equipment and hiking essentials to fishing gear and sports accessories, these gifts fuel their adventurous spirit and love for the great outdoors.

Home Bar Essentials:
For those who enjoy a good drink, gift them with home bar essentials. From whiskey glasses and cocktail shakers to personalized bar signs and mixology books, these gifts allow them to create their favorite beverages and entertain guests in style.
Experiential Gifts:
Create unforgettable memories by giving them experiential gifts. Plan a weekend getaway, a cooking class, a concert, or a sports event that aligns with their interests. These gifts provide opportunities for quality time and shared experiences.
When it comes to gifting the special men in our lives, thoughtful consideration and understanding of their unique interests are key. The gift ideas mentioned above encompass a variety of options that cater to different personalities, hobbies, and preferences.
Remember to visit Vipon for amazing deals on Amazon products, ensuring you find the perfect gifts to make them feel loved, appreciated, and celebrated.

Elevate Your Fitness: Top 6 Accessories for Your Home Gym

Having a home gym is a boon for fitness enthusiasts. It’s convenient, accessible, and, over time, saves money that would otherwise be spent on gym memberships. But to truly elevate your home gym experience, having the right accessories is paramount. These additions can enhance your workout, add variety, and keep your fitness journey interesting and effective. Here are the top six accessories that you should consider adding to your home gym.

Adjustable Dumbbells
Dumbbells are versatile and an essential element for any fitness routine. Adjustable dumbbells, however, take it up a notch. They are space-efficient and offer a range of weight options, making them perfect for multiple exercises, from bicep curls to shoulder presses.
Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are an underrated gem. They are extremely adaptable and can be used to add resistance to almost any exercise. Whether you’re looking to intensify your squats or trying out lateral band walks, these bands come in varied strengths and are a must-have for both strength training and flexibility.

Quality Yoga Mat
Whether you’re into yoga, pilates, or you need a comfortable surface for bodyweight exercises, a good quality yoga mat is indispensable. Look for a mat with sufficient cushioning and grip. A well-chosen mat can greatly enhance your comfort and stability during workouts.
Medicine Ball
Medicine balls are fantastic for adding an extra challenge to your workout. They are particularly beneficial for working on core strength and stability. You can use them for exercises like Russian twists, medicine ball slams, or even as a weight during squats.
Foam Roller
Recovery is a vital component of any fitness routine. A foam roller is an excellent tool for self-myofascial release, which helps in muscle recovery and increasing flexibility. Spending a few minutes post-workout with a foam roller can enhance muscle recovery and keep you ready for your next session.

Pull-Up Bar
Pull-ups are an incredibly effective exercise for upper body strength. A pull-up bar is a relatively simple piece of equipment but can add a whole new dimension to your fitness routine. Ensure that it is installed securely, and you’ll have an array of exercises – pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises – at your disposal.
A home gym can be your personal fitness sanctuary. Investing in the right accessories will not only enhance the quality of your workouts but will also keep you engaged and motivated. As you curate your space, focus on accessories that complement your fitness goals and add versatility to your regimen.
Remember that progress in fitness is not just about intensity but also about variety and consistency. With these accessories in your home gym, you’ll be well-equipped to keep your workouts dynamic and achieve your fitness goals. Be sure to check VIPON for the best deals on fitness accessories. Happy training!

Amazing Travel Accessories & Gifts

Are you already looking forward to your vacation? Or just thinking about taking a weekend trip now the weather has brightened up?

Whatever your plans, you can make your travel easier and more pleasurable with just a few basic purchases.
For instance, an eye mask and earplugs can help you doze on a long flight, or block out the one guy in a campsite who snores, and has camped right next to you.
Whether you’re camping in the great outdoors or just marooned in a one-motel town, a microfiber travel towel and a super-light ‘pocket blanket’ will help you stay comfortable. A sleeping bag liner is also a great help, as it’s so much easier to wash than a whole sleeping bag if you’re on an extended hike.
Investing in bags is a must. Even five-star frequent travelers don’t get great luggage allowances these days, so compression bags which can get more clothes into your suitcase are really useful. Watertight bags are another must; pack spillable toiletries in them, or use them to keep your electronics dry (and sand-free) when you’re on the beach. A fanny pack is super useful at airports, as you can keep your smartphone, boarding card and passport together and your hands free.
It’s well worth buying some empty liquid containers. Buying toothpaste or sunscreen in 100ml tubes is expensive; buy in bulk, then fill your containers to take on the plane. Another neat idea is a collapsible water bottle, which takes up next to no space once it’s empty. You can even get collapsible filter bottles if you’re visiting a country where drinking the water is risky.
Whatever class you travel, a mini power bank is a useful accessory. Rather than charging each gadget when you have access to power, charge the power bank and you’ll have energy for all your devices.

Even heading for the sun, you might find variable weather at your destination, so take a rain poncho rather than packing a rainproof coat or umbrella if you want to economize on space.
A final tip for enjoying your vacation; make sure you take clothes with plenty of pockets. A great purchase is a photographer’s vest, with capacious inside and outside pockets. Slip it on over your other clothes. Usually, you’ll find them in camouflage green or beige, but if you’re a fashionista, get a black one and you’ll be surprised how good it can look!
As always, Vipon has loads of hot deals for you, so check our site before you shop elsewhere.
Foam Roller
Recovery is a vital component of any fitness routine. A foam roller is an excellent tool for self-myofascial release, which helps in muscle recovery and increasing flexibility. Spending a few minutes post-workout with a foam roller can enhance muscle recovery and keep you ready for your next session.
Pull-Up Bar
Pull-ups are an incredibly effective exercise for upper body strength. A pull-up bar is a relatively simple piece of equipment but can add a whole new dimension to your fitness routine. Ensure that it is installed securely, and you’ll have an array of exercises – pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises – at your disposal.
A home gym can be your personal fitness sanctuary. Investing in the right accessories will not only enhance the quality of your workouts but will also keep you engaged and motivated. As you curate your space, focus on accessories that complement your fitness goals and add versatility to your regimen.
Remember that progress in fitness is not just about intensity but also about variety and consistency. With these accessories in your home gym, you’ll be well-equipped to keep your workouts dynamic and achieve your fitness goals. Be sure to check VIPON for the best deals on fitness accessories. Happy training!

Top 7 Outdoor Activities and Must-Have Accessories for Kids!

The great outdoors is a treasure trove of fun, adventure, and learning for kids. From sparking creativity to building resilience, outdoor activities provide a multitude of benefits. However, to ensure that your little ones have a safe and enjoyable time, equipping them with the right accessories is essential.
Here are the top 7 outdoor activities for kids and the must-have accessories that accompany them!

One of the best ways to encourage physical activity and explore the neighborhood is through cycling. Essential accessories include a well-fitted helmet for safety, a comfortable saddle, and reflective gear for visibility. Don’t forget a bell to warn pedestrians on their path!
Camping is a fantastic way to nurture a love for nature. A sturdy, easy-to-pitch tent is a must, along with a kid-friendly sleeping bag for those chilly nights. Also, consider a portable camping chair and a bright, durable flashlight.
For those family hikes, equip your kids with light, supportive shoes and a small backpack for their essentials. Include a reusable water bottle, nutritious snacks, and a disposable camera to capture their unique perspective!

A picnic is a perfect way to enjoy a sunny day. Pack a large, waterproof picnic blanket, a cooler for fresh snacks, and a frisbee or a ball for some fun, post-lunch games.
This is a calming and educational hobby. A kid-friendly binocular and a bird guide book would make for hours of bird spotting and learning. Take along a note book or painting set and let your kids enjoyign painting or drawing what they see too!
Gardening can teach kids about patience and responsibility. Kid-sized gardening tools, seeds or starter plants, and a colorful pair of gardening gloves will make this activity super fun.

Beach Days
Nothing beats a day by the sea!
For those fun-filled beach days, don’t forget a large beach umbrella for shade, SPF sunscreen, beach toys like shovels and molds, and inflatable arm bands for safety in water.
Remember, every child is different and might enjoy different activities. So, it’s always a great idea to let them explore various options and discover their own favorites. These outdoor activities are not only fun but also offer a break from screen time and foster a love for nature.
So, what are you waiting for? Get your little adventurers ready, step outside, and have loads of fun! Just remember to leave no trace behind and respect the great outdoors! And be sure to check out VIPON for the best deals on these accessories!

Best Hiking and Walking Accessories for Your Outdoor Adventures!

The call of the wild is getting louder, and the mountains are beckoning! Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or an enthusiastic walker, being well-prepared for your outdoor adventure can make all the difference.
Sure, you’ve got your hiking boots and backpack, but have you considered these essential hiking and walking accessories that can enhance your outdoor experience?

Trekking Poles: These are a game-changer for challenging terrains or long-distance hikes. They not only provide stability but also reduce the impact on your knees and ankles. Opt for lightweight and collapsible ones for easy storage and carrying.
Water Filter or Purifier: Nature is unpredictable, and you may need to refill your water bottle from an outdoor source. A portable water filter or purifier ensures you always have clean, safe drinking water.
Navigation Tools: Even in the era of smartphones, a physical map and compass can be lifesavers in areas with poor signal. Also, consider a handheld GPS device for precision tracking.
Multi-tool Kit: From opening canned food to cutting cords, a multi-tool kit can help with numerous tasks on the trail. Some of these kits even include an emergency whistle or fire starter.

Quick-Dry Towel: A compact and lightweight towel that absorbs moisture quickly is a must-have. It’s ideal for wiping sweat or drying off after a refreshing dip in a mountain stream.
Weather-Resistant Clothing: A good waterproof jacket or poncho can shield you from unexpected showers, while moisture-wicking clothing helps keep you dry and comfortable during your hike.
First Aid Kit: A compact first aid kit equipped with bandages, antiseptics, tweezers, and other basic medical supplies is a must for any hiker or walker. You never know when you might need it.
Insulated Flask or Bottle: Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial. An insulated flask or bottle will keep your water cool, and your hot drinks warm, ensuring you stay refreshed and energized.
Solar-Powered Charger: For long hikes and multi-day treks, a solar-powered charger can keep your devices powered up. That way, you can stay connected, capture beautiful moments, and keep your digital map handy.

Headlamp or Torch: A reliable source of light is indispensable for hiking or walking in the early morning or late evening hours. Opt for a headlamp to keep your hands free or a compact torch with a long battery life.
Lightweight Camping Hammock: For those impromptu rest breaks or an overnight stay in the great outdoors, a lightweight camping hammock is your portable bed. Look for ones that come with an integrated bug net for a peaceful sleep.
Biodegradable Wipes: They are perfect for freshening up on the trail. Opt for biodegradable ones to minimize your environmental impact.
Insect Repellent: Protect yourself from bites and stings with a good insect repellent. Natural or DEET-based options are available to suit various preferences.
Energy Snacks: Quick, convenient, and nutritious – energy bars or trail mixes can give you that much-needed boost of energy when you’re on the move.
So, are you ready to hit the trails? Make sure you’ve packed these hiking and walking accessories to get the most out of your adventure. Head over to Vipon for some great deals on these essentials. But remember, no accessory can replace the most important thing – respect for nature. So, hike responsibly, leave no trace, and enjoy your adventure to the fullest!

Best Beach Accesories For Fun In The Sand!

It’s nearly time to head for the beach… but you’d better be properly prepared.
You probably have a bathing costume, but life can be much more fun if you have some other good beach clothes. For instance, a sarong or wrap is much easier to shrug on than trying to put jeans on while you’re still wet. You also really need a bikini bag or similar waterproof bag where you can put your wet swimwear and anything else that’s got soaked.

If you’re heading for a gravelly beach, you might want a pair of water shoes, so you can head for the water without wincing! These tight waterproof shoes will protect your feet from the rocks while you can still swim in them.
Towels and mats are important; you need to get dry and you also need some way of ensuring everything doesn’t get covered in sand. Microfiber can be really handy, since it is highly absorbent and dries really quickly; get a towel with a carry bag, so it doesn’t get sand in it before you take it out to use.

You might also want some kind of beach shelter; a windy beach can be a real ordeal if you don’t have a windbreak. A beach umbrella is also a great accessory if you spend more time lazing than swimming, while if you have really young children, a pop-up shelter for them is a great purchase.
You don’t have to go as far as a folding table and chairs. Some families do, and if your joints are showing their age, you may appreciate it. For others, the whole point of going to the beach is sitting on the sand!
Don’t forget a cooler. There’s nothing worse than opening your can of Coca-Cola to find it’s warmed up! Wine bottle coolers and beer can koozies really help keep your drinks cold while you’re drinking, too.

Waterproof important stuff by getting waterproof camping bags, or a waterproof cover for your phone, camera or tablet.
And then have fun! Grab buckets and spades for the kids; these days you can even get silicone molds for making sandcastles. Or get some slyde handboards, for starter surfers, or snorkels, masks, and fins if you want to see below the water. Since the beach is usually windy for some of the day, why not buy a kite to fly?
Take a look on Vipon to see what you can grab at discount prices. And don’t forget the sun block!

Great Accesories & Ideas To Live Like a King!

The coronation of King Charles III of England happened recently, a ceremony full of splendor, amazing costumes and fascinating details. Granted, you didn’t have the good fortune to be born in the royal family, but can you still live like a king or queen?
The first thing you’re going to need to do is to make sure you breakfast like a king. Apparently Charles’s favorite is an egg with caviar, but scrambled eggs with smoked salmon is another royally luxurious dish. A glass of champagne, or another good sparkling wine, is also a key part of a truly regal breakfast, along with a pot of Earl Grey tea.

During the ceremony, Charles had to change his clothes several times. He arrived in a long cloak under which he wore a rather luscious pink detailed outfit, was disrobed for the anointing, and then dressed in a golden dalmatic of supertunica (like a long kaftan) with a golden sash and stole. Then, finally, he changed into imperial purple with gold stripes for the end of the ceremony and the procession back to Buckingham Palace.
So if you want a truly royal look, you’ll need plenty of crimson, pink, and purple, with golden accents. Plus really big jewelry like the chains of the chivalric orders worn by many of the participants. Or, of course, you could take Queen Camilla’s example and wear white; but luxurious, embroidered white, and with big diamonds (or Swarovski crystals, to be more realistic).
You’ll want a faux fur cape, too, which is absolutely the royal accessory. It used to be real fur, but Charles is a committed environmentalist so it’s now faux ermine, with huge floppy moiré silk ribbons on the shoulders.

Headgear is a must. You probably aren’t entitled to a crown, but there was plenty of great millinery on display, including Princess Anne’s bicorne hat with a huge red plume, and Katy Perry’s ‘satellite dish’ hat. The Queen of Lesotho, ‘Masenate Mohato Seeiso, won the stakes for understated style with a delightful white-feathered fascinator.
Let’s not forget the anointing with holy oil made from olives grown on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, and perfumed with rose, jasmine, and orange blossom. Grab your own aromatherapy oils online and hold your anointing in the privacy of your own bathroom. Westminster Abbey didn’t have the right facilities, but you can follow it up with a good long soak or a refreshing shower!
Whether you want to buy a tiara, a cape, a fun fascinator, or a crystal necklace, check out Vipon first and you won’t have to pay a king’s ransom for your royal style!

Great Skin Care Products & Accessories

This year I remembered, much too late, that you’re supposed to go out and wash your face in the dew on May Day if you want to be beautiful.
So in the absence of May Day dew, how do you keep your skin looking good?
It’s not just about products. You can spend $100 on a tiny pot of super-duper-name-brand night cream, but if you don’t use it regularly, you’ve wasted your money. It’s important to build up a routine and stick to it. Even if it’s a simple routine with quite inexpensive products, it will help your skin stay healthy.

Morning and evening, you need to cleanse and moisturize. Sure, you can add a toner or a serum, but cleansing and moisturizing are the real basics.
Choose your product to suit your skin and your age; as you grow older, your skin will likely become more fragile and dry, and will need you to put more goodness back into it.
Cleansing products come in different types, such as gels, balms, and creams. Don’t use regular soap; it’s too aggressive to use on your face. On the other hand, natural soaps which use coconut oil, shea butter, and other nourishing ingredients are now coming on the market, and these can be good for cleansing. Check the label for intended uses, though.

Getting a good moisturizer is key to having great skin. You’ll need a day cream, which should include basic sunscreen protections, and a night cream which aims at refreshing your skin as you sleep. The two formulations are actually different, so don’t try economizing by just using one of the two creams.
Again, choose your moisturizer for your skin type, and make sure your day cream includes sunscreen protection of SPF 30 or better.
Once you have established your routine you can add special products for particular reasons. For instance, serums can add Vitamin C for brightening your skin tone, or retinol and Vitamin B3 for producing collaging to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. If you have bags under your eyes, you might benefit from eye cream.

You probably don’t need to use a face mask, but it can be very relaxing to pamper yourself from time to time. You could go back to old-fashioned skincare by just making an oatmeal mask (oatmeal and water); apply it, let it nearly dry, then rinse off. A green tea rinse is another effective DIY treatment – green tea contains ECCG, Epigallocatechin gallate, which soothes your skin.
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Top 10 Gardening Accessories for a Blooming and Beautiful Garden

Your garden is an outdoor oasis, a place where you can relax, unwind, and cultivate your green thumb. To create the perfect garden, you need the right accessories that are both functional and stylish. At Vipon, we offer free coupons for top Amazon gardening products, ensuring you can find fantastic gardening accessories at unbeatable prices. In this blog post, we’ll share our top 10 gardening accessories for 2023 that will transform your garden.

Gardening Gloves: Protect Your Hands
High-quality gardening gloves are essential to protect your hands from dirt, cuts, and scratches while you work. Browse our selection of durable and comfortable gloves in various materials and designs. Remember to use our exclusive coupons for the best deals on these practical and stylish gardening essentials!
Pruning Shears: Keep Your Plants in Shape
A good pair of pruning shears is vital for maintaining your plants’ health and appearance. Choose from our range of high-quality shears that are designed for precision and ease of use. Don’t forget to use our coupons for extra savings!
Garden Tool Set: Equip Yourself for Success
A comprehensive garden tool set ensures you have everything you need to tend to your plants, from trowels and cultivators to rakes and weeders. Explore our selection of durable and ergonomic toolsets to find the perfect one for your gardening needs. Take advantage of our deals to get the best value for your money.

Watering Can: Hydrate Your Plants
A stylish and functional watering can is crucial for keeping your plants healthy and hydrated. Browse our collection of watering cans in various sizes, materials, and designs to suit your garden’s aesthetics. Use our exclusive coupons for unbeatable prices on these essential gardening accessories.
Plant Supports and Trellises: Guide Your Plants
Help your plants grow strong and tall with our selection of plant supports and trellises. Choose from various styles and materials to find the perfect support system for your climbing plants and flowers. Don’t forget to use our coupons for extra savings!
Garden Kneeler and Seat: Comfort While You Work
A garden kneeler and seat provide comfort and support while you work, saving your knees and back from strain. Browse our range of cushioned and foldable options that also offer convenient storage for your tools.
Garden Cart: Transport Your Tools
Make your gardening tasks easier with a versatile garden cart to transport your tools, plants, and supplies. Choose from our collection of durable and easy-to-maneuver carts to find the perfect match for your garden.

Outdoor Storage: Keep Your Accessories Organized
A well-organized garden is a happy garden. Explore our range of stylish and functional outdoor storage solutions, including sheds, storage benches, and cabinets. Some of our top choices even double as seating or potting areas, maximizing space and functionality in your garden.
Decorative Planters and Pots: Showcase Your Plants
Elevate your garden’s aesthetic with beautiful planters and pots that showcase your plants in style. Browse our selection of unique and eye-catching designs in various materials, colors, and sizes.
Garden Decor: Personalize Your Space
Add a touch of personality to your garden with our curated collection of garden decor, including statues, wind chimes, and solar lights. These accessories can transform your outdoor space into a charming and inviting retreat.
With these top gardening accessories, you’re set to create a garden that’s both beautiful and functional. Our deals website has handpicked the finest products and offers, guaranteeing a blooming, enjoyable, and efficient gardening experience without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free coupons and exclusive deals on top Amazon products to bring your garden dreams to life. Happy gardening!

Top 7 Living Room Accessories for a Cozy and Stylish Space

Your living room is the heart of your home, and it’s essential to create a space that’s both comfortable and inviting. If you’re looking for the perfect accessories to elevate your living room, you’ve come to the right place.
As a leading deals website, Vipon offers free coupons for top Amazon products, ensuring you can find fantastic living room accessories at unbeatable prices. In this blog post, we’ll share our top 7 living room accessories for 2023 that will transform your space.
Throw Pillows: Add Comfort and Style
Throw pillows are an easy way to bring color, texture, and personality to your living room. Browse our curated selection of plush, decorative pillows in various shapes, sizes, and patterns. Remember to use our exclusive coupons for the best deals on these cozy and stylish accents!

Area Rugs: Define Your Space
A well-chosen area rug can make a world of difference in your living room, providing warmth, comfort, and visual interest. Choose from our wide range of rugs in various materials, colors, and patterns to complement your decor. Don’t forget to use our coupons for extra savings!
Wall Art: Express Your Style
Make your living room walls come alive with stunning wall art that reflects your unique style. Our collection includes everything from modern abstract pieces to traditional landscapes, ensuring you’ll find the perfect artwork to enhance your space. Take advantage of our deals to get the best value for your money.
Decorative Lighting: Set the Mood
Illuminate your living room with the perfect lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Browse our selection of floor lamps, table lamps, and pendant lights in various styles and designs. Use our exclusive coupons for unbeatable prices on these essential living room accessories.

Storage Solutions: Keep Clutter at Bay
A well-organized living room is a happy living room. Explore our range of stylish and functional storage solutions, including bookshelves, media consoles, and decorative storage baskets. Some of our top choices even double as statement pieces, adding visual interest while keeping your space tidy.
Cozy Blankets: Snuggle Up in Style
A luxurious throw blanket is essential for those chilly nights or lazy weekends spent lounging on the couch. Choose from our collection of soft, cozy blankets in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns to match your style. Don’t forget to use our coupons for extra savings on these must-have living room accessories.

Indoor Plants and Planters: Bring Nature Indoors
Indoor plants not only add a touch of greenery and life to your living room, but they also help purify the air. Browse our selection of low-maintenance indoor plants and stylish planters to create your own indoor oasis. Make the most of our fantastic deals and discounts for unbeatable savings.
With these top living room accessories, you’re set to create a space that’s both stylish and comfortable. Our deals website has handpicked the finest products and offers, guaranteeing a cozy, inviting, and enjoyable living room experience without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free coupons and exclusive deals on top Amazon products.

Ultimate Summer Accessories for Beach Lovers

The sun’s shining, and it’s time to hit the beach! If you’re looking for the perfect accessories to enhance your seaside experience, we’ve got your back. Our deals website offers free coupons for top Amazon products, providing you with a wide range of beach-friendly items at great prices. In this blog post, we’ll dive into our favorite summer accessories for the beach in 2023.
Sun Hats: Stylish and Protective
A fashionable sun hat is essential for any beachgoer. It not only shields your face and neck from harmful UV rays but also adds a chic touch to your outfit. Browse our handpicked collection of wide-brimmed sun hats, fashionable fedoras, and sleek visors for both men and women, and remember to use our exclusive coupons for the best deals!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: Music by the Waves
Nothing beats listening to your favorite tunes while lounging near the water. Choose a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that’s up to the task, withstanding sand, sun, and water. Prioritize models with extended battery life, impressive sound quality, and portability.
Beach Bags and Totes: Carry Your Essentials in Style
Pack everything you need in a fashionable beach bag or tote. Our selection includes timeless straw bags, roomy canvas totes, waterproof dry bags, and on-trend backpacks. Don’t forget to use our coupons for extra savings!

Beach Umbrellas and Pop-up Tents: Stay Cool and Protected
Keep yourself cool and shielded from thesun with our range of beach umbrellas and pop-up tents. Opt for lightweight, portable umbrellas with UV protection and wind resistance, or choose a pop-up tent for added privacy and shade. Take advantage of our deals to get the best value for your money.
Insulated Cooler Bags: Keep Your Refreshments Cool
Ensure your drinks and snacks stay chilled all day with an insulated cooler bag. Our top choices provide spacious storage, a lightweight design, and durable materials built to withstand the beach environment. Some even feature built-in bottle openers and extra compartments for organization.

Sand-free Beach Blankets and Towels: Comfort Without the Mess
Forget about pesky sand clinging to your blanket or towel with our collection of sand-free beach blankets and towels. These clever products repel sand, ensuring a comfortable, hassle-free day at the beach. Pick from various colors, patterns, and sizes to match your style.
Beach Toys and Games: Bring on the Fun
A day at the beach isn’t complete without some exciting toys and games! Our selection includes classic paddleball sets, frisbees, inflatable water toys, and beach volleyball sets—there’s something for everyone. Make the most of our fantastic deals and discounts for unbeatable savings.
With these top summer accessories, you’re set to have an unforgettable day at the beach. Our deals website has handpicked the finest products and offers, guaranteeing a stylish, comfortable, and enjoyable seaside experience without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free coupons and exclusive deals on top Amazon products.

Top Summer Accessories and Gifts

As summer approaches, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect accessories and gifts to enhance your summer experience. Whether you’re planning a vacation or staycation, here are some must-have items to make the most of your summer:
1 Beach Towel
A good quality beach towel is a summer essential. Not only does it provide a comfortable spot to lay on the sand, but it also doubles as a cover-up when you need to take a break from the sun. Choose a bright and fun design to add some personality to your beach day.
2 Sun Hat
Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays with a stylish sun hat. Not only does it provide shade, but it also adds a fashionable touch to any summer outfit. Choose a wide-brimmed hat for maximum coverage or a trendy bucket hat for a more casual look.

3 Water Bottle
Staying hydrated is crucial during the hot summer months. Invest in a durable water bottle that can keep your drink cold for hours. Choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes to suit your needs.
4 Sunglasses
Sunglasses are a summer staple. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, but they also add a touch of style to any outfit. Choose a classic aviator style or opt for something more trendy like cat-eye or oversized frames.
5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
No summer party is complete without some music. A portable Bluetooth speaker allows you to bring your tunes with you wherever you go. Choose a waterproof and durable design that can withstand the sand, sun, and water.

6 Outdoor Blanket
An outdoor blanket is a versatile accessory that can be used for picnics, beach days, and outdoor concerts. Choose a waterproof and sand-proof design that can withstand the elements. Look for a compact and lightweight option for easy portability.
7 BBQ Tools
Summer is the perfect time to fire up the grill and enjoy some outdoor cooking. Invest in a set of high-quality BBQ tools that can handle anything from burgers to veggies. Look for durable materials like stainless steel and choose a design that is easy to clean.
Summer is a time to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or staycation, these accessories and gifts will enhance your summer experience. From beach towels to BBQ tools, make sure you’re fully equipped for a season of fun in the sun. Check out Vipon for the best deals on summer accessories!

Handbags, Accessories, Gifts and Tote Bags!

Vipon has a huge range of amazing bags at great prices. Whether you need a bag for everyday use or an eco shopping bag for running to the store, check out our deals. I use a tote bag when picking up grocrcies – they are great as they can be used for everything from shopping to trips to the beach.
You know you need a new tote when:
• things start dropping out of a hole in the bottom,
• the corners are a bit grubby,
• the handle is getting less and less secure,
• it starts to lose its shape, or
• you just look at the back and think, “I need a new tote”.

The tote is an essentially simple bag; at its most basic, it’s just a square stitched together with a handle. But that doesn’t mean it has to look boring. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheap, either.
One of the best is the delightful Longchamp pliable, which means ‘foldable’. The bag is just nylon, but the handles and flap are the luxurious leather for which Longchamp is famous. And it folds up into a tiny package, so it’s a great tote to pack for traveling or shopping, or when you’re not sure how much you’re going to want to bring home with you.
But the Longchamp pliable, like a lot of totes, doesn’t have any organizers inside. So it’s not great as a daily bag, because all your stuff is going to get jumbled up. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll want a bit more structure. There are some great canvas totes which have two or three dividers, and look really chic. Canvas is great for men’s bags, because it looks quite nautical.

Try a leather tote for a longer lasting and swanky looking bag. Leather will tend to be a bit heavier, but a good solid leather tote will last for ever with a bit of care, and even develop a bit of a ‘wabi sabi’ vibe with wear. If you don’t want animals to suffer for your style, there are some great vegan leather options nowadays, too.
One thing you’ll want to decide is whether you just want a handle, or want a cross-body or shoulder strap too. It can be a lot more comfortable to use a strap, and of course that also gives you the advertising of having your hands free, for instance if you’re going to a flea market.
Most totes are big enough for your shopping, your laptop, or even shoving a couple of antique vases into, so they’re real functional, as well as stylish. Best of all, you can grab a tote from bargain basement to luxury style – and whichever end of the scale you want to go, you can save a bit of money by searching Vipon for discounts!

Musical Accessories & Gift Ideas!

Most people enjoy music, but not everybody gets the most out of it. You probably know someone who listens to music on crackly old speakers and has scratchy old CDs, and doesn’t realize how much better that music could sound. Or are you that someone?
Just getting better headphones or earbuds can make a vast difference. Get ones that are designed for great sound quality, not just for taking phone calls.
If you live in a noisy household and want to chill, a really good headphone set lets you soak up Beethoven or Leonard Cohen even if the kids are playing Peppa Pig at full volume. Bose, for instance, has noise cancellation built into its best music headphones, though admittedly at a high price.

Wireless earbuds are so much more convenient than wired. (If you want to take your pullover off, no wires to get in the way!) For workouts, try earbuds with ‘wings’ or hooked designs to keep your earbuds firmly secured while you run or push weights.
Good speakers are important, whether you’re looking for big speakers in the family room or just a couple of wireless speakers for your computer desk. What you listen to can dictate your choice; speakers with a good bass make rock music really rock, but you might want a different balance if you prefer classical.
You might even decide to take the step into playing a musical instrument. You’re (probably) not going to become Jimi Hendrix or Sister Rosetta Tharpe overnight, but there are plenty of ways to get started and work your way up. If you just want to add a bit of rhythm, start with egg shakers or maracas, and you can work your way through bongos or the djembe for a bigger sound, or into hang drums or tongue drums to start playing melodies.

Electronic keyboards are a great way to learn music and get into creating harmonies, and modern keyboards have good key action and fine musical tone. They’re slim, too, so if you don’t have a lot of room, they’ll stow way easily, and are portable if you want to play a gig with a band or just jam with some friends. Nice as grand pianos are, they’re not easy to move!
And above all, just keep your ears open. You never know, you might hear world famous violinist Joshua Bell playing free on the subway. (Yes, it actually happened!)
By the way, while you save up to go to conservatory, use Vipon to cut your costs by accessing the best discounts you can get.

Wonderful Bathroom Accessories & Gifts!

So many bathrooms are just functional. They have a bath, a shower, a sink, a lavatory, a light over the sink, and that’s your lot. After all, it’s not a room you’ll spend much time in; at least, that’s what builders think.
Hotels know better. Luxury hotels go to town on their bathrooms because they know a properly relaxing bath is a real luxury. So follow the luxury hotel designer rather than the contract builder when you’re designing and equipping your bathroom.

Even the small things are important. Buy a more luxurious soap; an olive oil soap which will help moisturize your skin, soap scented with essential oils like orange flower, lemon or tea tree, or even donkey’s milk soap which may sound weird but is incredibly good for the skin (remember, Cleopatra bathed in asses’ milk). Bath bombs can also make a bath more fun.
Scents don’t have to be limited to soap. You might want to get some scented candles, potpourri, or just dab a drop of essential oil on each of your towels, so the bathroom smells great as soon as you open the door.
Storage is important; even a beautifully designed bathroom can look terrible if it has stuff scattered around. Get a couple of elegant bowls or dishes to hold supplies such as soap, cotton balls, and small bottles, and trays to hold your hairbrushes and other stuff. A set of shelves can help if you don’t have much space under the vanity.

Bars, rings, and hooks for hanging towels and dressing gowns will also change your storage abilities up a gear. In a small bathroom, an over-the-door set of hooks or mini shelves can add storage without taking up valuable space.
It’s never fun to use a thin, scratchy towel, so buy the best you can afford. Egyptian cotton is the softest you can get, in white for a hotel-fresh feel or colored to go with your decor.
Add some art on the walls. And get a better mirror; so often, mirrors are put in by the builders, who’ve bought the most basic and cheapest they can get at the depot. A French provincial style mirror can add luxury to the most basic bathroom. A better bath mat can help, too; you might even add a Persian rug, but make sure it’s colorfast.
And remember luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. Look on Vipon and you’ll find discounts that can get you much more luxury per dollar spent!


It may be a bit too early to rely on the weather being sunny and warm, but spring is definitely just around the corner. However, most of us miss getting the most out of our gardens in the early part of the year, because it’s still looking tired and grimy after the long winter.
Enjoy this spring properly by getting your garden into shape. Look around it now and see where a spot of color would spark some joy. A big ceramic pot or a bright sculpture could make a great accent even if the spring flowers are late.

This is the right time to think about where new plants could go, as well. For instance a red leafed grass, or a mass of tiny wild geraniums in varied purples and blues, could make a huge difference to your garden. If you don’t want to have to work for the effect every year, choose perennial plants that will naturalize.
Garden furniture is key to enjoying your garden. You might be happy with a few selected tree stumps you can sit on round your camp fire, but make sure they are cleaned and that you give them a coat of teak oil to stop them falling apart. Or you might want to make a little corner with French cottage style wrought iron chairs painted in white, with a little round table.
Remember, the style should work with what’s indoors as well as outdoors. A mid-century modern interior with a French cottage style garden will just clash; without will a Zen garden and bohemian interior.

We have a long way to go till the evenings are light, so make sure you can use your garden after dark by getting some great lighting. Solar lamps are really useful in the garden, giving you an extra three or four hours of light; or install strings of lights in the trees to pretty them up and give you some ambient lighting.
And of course there’s nothing quite as nice as candlelight, so get some nice candle or tea-light holders.
Finally, remember to give everything a good spring clean. Patios and decking all need a bit of care before they’ll look their best.
Looking for garden accessories? You can buy online instead of heading for the garden center, and get the hard work of transportation done for
you. Even better, head for Vipon to find some great discounts!

Beauty Accessories & Organizers

Most blogs about makeup are about what cosmetics and skincare items to buy, or how to use them.
But you rarely read about how to organize them. Which means 90 percent of women are coping with having some things in their handbags, some in the bedroom, some in the bathroom, and some… lost down the back of the couch, probably.

If you have a vanity with drawers, instead of filling the entire drawer up with different stuff, get yourself some drawer organizers. That way, you can have all your regular stuff for a day at work in one place, and your party glamor stuff in another; or all your mascaras in one place and your lipsticks organized by color. Smaller compartments are great for accessories like bobby pins and cotton balls.
Clear organizers are great news as you can see what you’re picking up. Whether you use a mason jar or clear box or tray, or, as a friend does, Ferrero Rocher boxes she’s been given for her birthday. (Yes, of course she eats the chocolates first.)

Get a proper holder for your makeup brushes, so they don’t lie around spreading powder or gathering dirt. A mug will do, but a purpose bought pot is much nicer.
A Lazy Susan can also make a great base for pots of your most commonly used products; it will keep them tidy but you’re not going to have to reach for what’s at the back, just flick the Lazy Susan round when you need to. It’s also a great way to make use of the corner of a vanity nearest the wall, where normally, you wouldn’t put stuff because it would be too far out of the way.
Don’t forget beauty products can be beautiful. Some people actually collect perfume bottles; the Lalique Trésor de la Mer 1936 limited edition for Saks sold at auction for over $200,000! If you have really beautiful products, even if they’re not collectors’ items, you might want to display them on a shelf, or even buy a shadow box to mount some of them on the wall. (Don’t do that with products you want to use every day, though!)

Mason jars or other glass jars can be great for keeping stuff like hair ties, cotton wool balls, and makeup pads. The lid will stop dust and dirt getting in, and you’ll be able to see what’s in them. Better still get a set of jars that come with a matching tray, so they’re kept neatly together.
On a slightly different tack you might want to keep your hairdryer out of sight when it’s not needed. Easily done – buy an over-the-door caddy and keep it tucked neatly in the bathroom cupboard!
However you decide to organize your stuff, before you splash the cash, take a look on Vipon. There are always loads of products going at a discount, and you can save your dollars to spend on that expensive lipstick you’ve been jonesing after for a while.

Top Bags & Luggage For Travel

Wherever you’re traveling, you’ll need the right kind of luggage. That’s true whether you’re off on a business day trip or a round-the-world cruise, though of course, the specific kind of luggage you want will be different depending on the kind of travel you’re doing.
For complicated itineraries involving a lot of changes of transport, a backpack’s the best option. It leaves your hands free so you can deal with your tickets, money, boarding passes, and so on, and it’s better at stairs and uneven surfaces than a rolling suitcase.

One disadvantage of backpacks is that they can make you look like a student or a deadbeat. But luxury designer backpacks exist. So do rather clever backpacks which let you zip the straps into the luggage to convert it into a carry bag whenever you want to.
Duffel bags are another great way of lugging plenty of stuff around. They exist in every combination from cheap nylon to pure cotton canvas with brown leather accents.
Or you might just want to shove everything in a colorful tote, if for instance you’re taking a day to visit a local museum or do some antiquing. Kath Kidston’s cute, colorful bags are a joy, or you can look for totes with a message, or Hello Kitty bags which have become even more popular with parents than with their kids!

Trolley suitcases remain favorites with many travelers. Manufacturers make sure they fit most airlines’ size requirements for carry-on luggage, so they’re great if you’re a frequent flier making short trips. Check the reviews – the handles and wheels can be weak points, so it’s better to buy the best quality you can.
Then there are specific purpose bags, like camera bags for instance – made to protect your camera equipment against bumps and shocks. Anyone who takes their photography seriously will want a good camera bag, but remember if you use accessories like extra lenses for a DSLR, chargers, tripods and so on, you’ll want space for those too. Laptop cases, similarly, give your computer the protection it needs.

Good makeup bags make life easier, particularly if you have one ready packed that can just be chucked in your suitcase as soon as you know you’re going to be traveling.
However, there are two top tips which will really make your life so much easier. One is to buy foldable bags like luxury brand Longchamps’ ‘pliable’, which you can pack in case you buy too much stuff. The Longchamps bag has become a staple of Parisian style, folds down to the size of a tiny purse, and can handle a shopping trip, day at the beach, or picnic in the Jardin de Luxembourg.
And grab yourself some luggage tags so if you see twenty similar cases coming off a carousel, you know which is yours. Or buy bright purple and yellow bootlaces and tie them to the handle!

Warm Accessories & Gift Ideas For Winter

This winter has been hard, and it’s not over yet. There have been a few days that even with the heating turned up, the chill somehow gets in. And that means you need a cozy blanket.
But how to choose? There are so many different things to think about. What color? You might fancy a hot pink blanket, but will it go with the decor? Or don’t you mind? Grays and creamy whites are good for a minimalist or Scandinavian house, but make sure the white is creamy or there’s a little brown in the mix, so the underlying feel is warm rather than cold.

You might want plain. Juicy orange works well on its own. But you might prefer a pattern; stripes and checks are always in fashion. Or you might want a faux tiger skin. You could even get a blanket decorated with cute kittens or jolly dogs.
What about materials? The classic is pure wool; it’s really insulating and warm, and a hundred percent natural, too. But some brands now are using recycled fibers; recycled plastic bottles, surprisingly, can make a comfortable woven blanket, and you won’t have any problems with clothes moths.
Texture doesn’t have to be plain. One great look for a comfortable family room is a chunky knitted blanket. Loose knits also help to retain the warmth. Bouclé fabrics can also look great; the fuzzy, bobbly feel is both comfortable and stylish.

Alpaca, angora and cashmere are delightfully soft, but horribly expensive. If you’re after a throw for an elegant apartment, that’s great; if you have young kids, save cashmere for your best work scarf. And make sure you know what you’re buying; a lot of cashmere is mixed with regular wool, which isn’t as soft, or as good at retaining warmth.
Synthetic fleece and flannel are also worth thinking about. Polyester fibers retain heat pretty well, and you’ll find a lot of budget options. Some throws combine wool and poly together, which is a great mix; it can help you keep the clothes moths away, as well as saving money.
And while you’re trying to save money, why not take a look at Vipon before you head for the mall? Vipon has loads of extra-deep discount deals to give you a nice warm feeling, even before your blanket arrives!

Valentine’s Super Sale: Check Out Our Amazing Gifts Ideas!

We just opened our Valentine’s super sale, be sure to check it out for the best deals on amazing gift ideas. Hurry while stocks last, the sale closes 14th February.

Valentine’s Day can be a dreadful time for some people. There’s always one little girl in the class who doesn’t get a card. Or the ex who keeps sending increasingly hopeless vows of eternal love. Or the fact that your nearest and dearest really thinks you want a five-pack of skimpy bright red underwear instead of a new yoga mat?
Worse than all this, though, is the horrible array of choices facing you if you have to buy someone a Valentine’s Day present.

It’s impossible to say what’s right and what’s wrong. We could say “get personalized jewelry with both your names on it”, and some giftees will just love that. Others will think it’s vulgar. (One friend got his lawyer girlfriend a personalized necklace that says “I plead the Fifth”, though, and she loves it. She wears it to work all the time.)
Chocolates? Always acceptable – unless of course your beloved is trying to stick to a diet.
Romantic hearts and roses? Some people love them – others think they’re too cutesy.
If you want to get a gift that shows real affection, here are some other choices that could really work beautifully:
• A warm and pretty blanket or throw. Especially useful right now if there’s still snow outside, and you can add a hand written note saying “can we snuggle up?”

• Attractive stationery to use such as a journal or notebook, or some high quality writing paper (you might suggest you’d like a note from time to time).
• A herb or flower growing kit that can be started on Valentine’s Day. Herbs for the kitchen, or flowers for decoration and that can be planted outside once they’ve bloomed.
• A presentation box of herbal infusions or different flavored teas. Some boxes are so nice they can be used as jewelry boxes once the tea has all gone.
• A subscription for a pack of great coffee every month for the next year. (That’s real love, and good for a Valentine of either gender, which, let’s face it, fluffy slippers really aren’t.)

• You both love cocktails and you don’t have a cocktail shaker? That’s something you need to sort out!
• Don’t forget that sometimes small gestures are meaningful. That light-bulb that needs fixing, the grubby floor mat that needs replacing? If you have a few things like this on your list, get them done on February 13th!
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Post-Holiday blues? Get Fixing! DIY Gift Ideas

Never mind New Year’s resolutions, after spending so much time at home over the holidays, some of us are looking at our homes and thinking we need to get things in order.
For instance, you got a nice picture but you still don’t have a picture frame for it! It’s time to go shopping, and you can do that online. Take your dimensions and off you go! Or it may be you’ve got lovely photos of children and grandchildren and nowhere to put them; do yourself a favor and look for a pack of frames that will group them nicely together.

Lots of us have small collections. Modern sculpture or little tchotchkes, they get put on shelves but often you can’t really see them all that well, and they retreat into the background instead of being the highlights that they should be. It’s time to get some display lighting for your shelves. There’s plenty online, from classy brass fittings to hidden spotlights.
Got some books as presents? Get yourself a pair of bookends to stop them falling over, or to let you use the mantelpiece or the back of your desk as an impromptu bookcase. Some favorites we’ve seen recently are rustic cast iron ducks and chickens, art deco clear plastic, and adorable but expensive Fornasetti bookends in the shape of gorgeous Florentine palazzi.

A lot of people find cooking for the entire family over the holidays really shows up the deficiencies in their kitchens. First of all, if you don’t have a book rest for your cookery books (or iPad), get one; it makes following recipes so much easier. Clear up your counter; get a pot for your wooden spoons, hooks for hanging ladles and scoops, baskets for your napkins or cutlery.
If your kitchen (or doors, or furniture) just feels a bit drab, you don’t need to redecorate; just go shopping for new handles and knobs! Faceted glass knobs can add a bit of shiny glitz, and replacing old wooden knobs by contemporary chrome can bring a kitchen right up to date really easily.

If the holidays exposed a bit of clutter, you don’t have to do decluttering right now, but you might want to buy a few good storage containers to keep stuff out of sight till you’ve decided what to do with it. Or maybe it was just room to hang everyone’s coats you ran out of? That’s easy to fix by looking for a cute hook-board for your entryway or mudroom.
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Great Gift Ideas, Gadgets & Accessories!

The world of tools is divided into three kinds. First are the regulars, the tools you know you need; screwdrivers, kitchen knives, wrenches, and so on.
Secondly you have the really clever tools that do one thing really well and you wish you’d known about years ago.
And thirdly, you have the supposedly clever tool that someone invented last year, is selling like hot cakes this year, and will inevitably be selling for fifty cents at every yard sale next year.
The difficulty is telling categories two and three apart! If you look for ‘clever gadgets’ on a search engine, you’ll find tons of class three gizmos. Real clever tools are the ones where you say “I wish I’d known about that years ago!”
For instance, the French have a great way with garlic; a little ceramic dish with tiny sharp teeth. You rub the garlic on the plate, the teeth strip and mince, and you can just tip the chopped up garlic with all its juice into the dish you’re making.

The Gorilla gripper is another wonderfully useful answer to a common problem. If you’ve ever tried to carry a plywood sheet that’s so wide you can’t get your arm round it, the Gorilla gripper is what you need. It clamps to the edge of the wood, making a comfortable rubberized handle.
Shredding pulled pork with a couple of forks takes forever and the forks twist and turn in your hands and get clogged up with meat. The answer? Bear paws. Much easier to grip, with well spaced claws that don’t clog.
You may use fridge magnets and a magnetic knife rack. But move up into top gear with a magnet wristband, which will hold all the little nails, screws, nuts, bolts and other tiny pieces that will otherwise get lost. A magnetic tool holder that can grip to the side of your car is another great idea so you don’t lose tools when working outside.
And at home, grab a USB charging port that will let you use one electrical outlet for 6 USB chargers. That’s enough for everyone’s smartphone on the entryway table, or all your devices in your home office.
Other potentially life-changing gadgets are an LED headlamp for working in dark corners (like behind your desktop), oil and lemon juice spray bottles for the kitchen, and silicone baking mats.
And a potentially life-enhancing site is Vipon, of course. Get discounts from 10 to 50 percent, or even more, when you buy through the site!

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Maybe you achieved your New Year’s resolutions last year. Or maybe you’re looking back at them and thinking darn, I failed.
You’re still going to make some this year, aren’t you? Let’s look at some of the more common resolutions, what makes them fail, and how to get kick-started so you coast through January without losing impetus.
A really common resolution is to get fit. People buy a gym membership. Then they don’t use the gym. You’re actually more likely to get fit if you have a simple, easy-to-use exercise at home. Get some free weights, or a yoga mat, or a Pilates ball.
When the weather’s nice, get a good pair of running shoes and get going – round the block, then round two blocks, and you’ll be getting fit in no time. Or get Nordic walking poles for a less speedy, but equally good workout, from your own front door.

Did you plan to do more creative stuff this year? Sometimes it can be daunting starting out on a new craft, but you can buy a project kit that has everything you need in it, plus the instructions. Or for instance if you want to start painting or drawing, look for a set of paints or pencils; it’s much cheaper than buying them one at a time, but also means you won’t waste time when you don’t have the right color to hand.
Want to lose weight? Besides getting fit, you might consider buying weight loss supplements or pills, or meal replacement powder. A prebiotic fiber supplement could also help.
A slightly different take on weight loss comes from a French chef who recommended buying plenty of herbs and spices; the more intense the flavor, the less you need to eat. Try it out and see if it works!

Some people vow every year to ‘get organized’. Make this the year it happens by buying some good storage units or boxes, and a bunch of sticky labels so you know what’s in each box. If it’s your time rather than your stuff that needs organizing, grab a planner. It can pay to research different styles of planner first, as different folks prefer different planners. The Hobonichi Techo, though, has a lot of fans, as does the undated to-do list planner from
And perhaps your resolution is to save money. There are quite a few ways to do this, but don’t forget that Vipon can help – whatever you’re looking for, check out Vipon for a discount before you look anywhere else!

Gadgets & Handy Tools For Your Home

There is nothing quite as annoying as having something basic break down in your home. Except that there’s one thing that’s even more annoying; having something break down, and not having the right tools to fix it!
A lot of things are easily fixable, or at least fixable enough to wait for the professionals to come round. For instance, if you have a dripping pipe, if you’ve got some PTFE tape you can at least stop it for the time being, though that’s not a permanent fix.

Have some basic tools and supplies on hand so you can deal with problems, and do a little DIY if you want to.
First of all, get some good glue. A lot of articles never mention glue, because it’s not a tool, but having superglue, wood glue, and sealant to hand is so useful for everyday breakages. If you have neoprene glue you can even use it to resole shoes. Putty is useful, too.
Secondly, get some wrenches, and make sure they are the right size for your taps and pipes. Or just – which is far easier – get a good set of wrenches, or a couple of adjustable wrenches (a small one and a big one), because you know if you only have one, inevitably the nut you need to tighten will be just a sixteenth of an inch too big or too small.

Screwdrivers are similar to wrenches – you’ll need an assortment. You can also get a multi bit screwdriver, which is good if you’re short on space; but make sure you don’t lose any of the bits, because the one you lose is going to be the one you’ll need!
A tape measure ought to come high up the list. Whenever you need to buy spares, or new shelves, or new furniture, you’ll want to measure up before you go to the store. Take your tape measure with you and you’ll always come back with the right size fittings.
Also high on the list is a level. You don’t have to be laying a wall to need one; if you’re hanging pictures, you’ll want to make sure they’re not askew. And if you’re hanging pictures, get a stud finder which can prevent you hammering a nail into an electric cable or a water pipe.

Get yourself a good multitool. This will give you pliers, a knife blade, basic screwdrivers, and other useful tools (including a bottle opener). And get a utility knife, plus a pack of replacement blades.
Grab a flashlight. Things that break or come undone always seem to be in a dark corner, or at the back of a closet.
And finally, get yourself a good toolbox to put your tools in, so that you know where they are when you need them.
This could cost you a lot. But of course, we’re going to recommend you look on Vipon first, and save yourself some money!

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Staying Warm With Wonderful Winter Accessories

We just got a Facebook post from a friend in the Yukon. It made us shiver; snow, snow everywhere, knee-deep already!
Even if winter weather hasn’t caught up with you yet, it soon will. So this week let’s look at ways of staying warm, both inside and outside.
First of all, make sure you get a toasty night’s sleep by ensuring you have a warm bed. Electric blankets will help warm it up so you don’t have to get in between cold sheets. You’ll want a heavy-duty duvet; it really is worth paying for quality here, as the best duvets will keep the heat in much better than cheaper options.

Fleece and flannel sheets will also help to store warmth.
We all have chunky knits, pullovers, and fleeces, but real warmth comes right from the bottom layer with thermal underwear. You can get basic stuff like granddad used to wear, but you don’t have to; there are some really attractive designs available these days. Synthetics, wool or even luxurious silk are available; the very best is merino wool, which will keep you warm and wick away any moisture.
Don’t let your feet get cold. Big socks come into their own in wintry weather. Some people swear by yak wool socks; if they can keep Mongolians and Tibetans warm in their six-month-long winters, they’ll work for you. Merino wool offers similar advantages but with a softer feel. Look for socks with a pile-lined or fluffy interior, which gives you an added layer of insulation.
Look after your hands with a good pair of gloves. If you need to be able to use your fingertips, but you’re working in a cold shed or garage, get fingerless gloves which will still keep your hands warm and your circulation moving. Leather or wool used to be the main choice, but now you’ll find a lot of gloves using different layers, particularly for waterproofing.

Looking after your hands (and face) should also include using a good moisturizer when you get home. Winter air is often very dry and can crack your skin. Lip salve is a must-have when you’re out in the cold, as well.
Keeping warm can be expensive. Heating bills have gone way up this year, and a goose down duvet can cost you a few hundred dollars. So save a bit of your hard earned money by looking for a good deal on Vipon. That should give you a nice warm feeling!

Fall Fashion Accessories & Ideas

If you hadn’t noticed, it’s time to pull out the plaid and the chunky knits. But pay attention! There are some interesting trends this fall that you might want to add to your wardrobe.
What was on the runway? There were loads of chunky knits, and there was a bit of glitz atmosphere with sequins, bold colors and even bolder prints. But if you look at what people are actually getting excited about on the street, some of the more outrageous ideas didn’t make the cut.
Leather is the big thing this season (sorry, vegans). From soft nappa leather coats to thick hide biker jackets, it’s everywhere. Bomber jackets are popular, too, and even leather trousers are making an appearance. Black, tan, or fawn, leather and suede are the ‘feel’ of this fall.
And actually, vegans, there are some great vegan leather options available now, so go with the look.
Faux fur is another big thing this fall. You don’t need to buy a faux fur coat, though; small accents, like a furry handbag or a shaggy cap, are enough to give that furry vibe with your regular outfit.
Long skirts are in. The maxi and midi have been trending for a while, but this fall mixes in a specific style, the cargo skirt. For those women who hate the fact that ninety percent of women’s clothes don’t have pockets, this is great news! Wear longer skirts with clogs or sneakers – footwear this season isn’t dainty so you can be comfortable as well as fashionable.
Knee high boots are part of the look (and go with a cowgirl trend if you wear them with leather), or clogs, particularly Birkenstocks.
Upcycled and vintage looks remain in fashion, so if you have treasured old tweeds, plaids and knits, mix and match them with this season’s favorites to create your own take on the trends.
On the other hand, if you dare, you could go ‘bikercore’. This style, derived from BMX culture, matches leather or PVC trousers (again!) with racing jackets and bright tee shirts. You can upgrade it with a bit of bling if you like. Very much street fashion, it’s perhaps not a style for soccer moms or anyone who has to work in an office.
If you’re looking for a few new glad rags for fall, or a couple of accessories to update your look, don’t forget to try Vipon first. Access to some of the best discounts on the web will let you look fabulous for a lot less.

Gift Ideas For New Parents!

So your best friend has a new baby! Or maybe you’ve just become a grandparent for the first time. A present is definitely in order, but what should you get for the lucky mom (and dad)?
Unless you’ve already talked about contributing basics like a baby food maker, crib, or bassinet, don’t get stuff they will already have purchased. Though an additional soft blanket or snug, or a stylish baby sling, will always be welcome; any new parent knows at least half of your entire baby wardrobe will be in the washing machine at any one time!
However, what people forget is that moms and dads actually used to have a life, before they had a baby. Maybe you can help them get that life back. Some things will just make life easier and more enjoyable, such as a thermos coffee mug so that hot drink is still hot when baby

emergency number 302,376 is over. And remember that shopping probably wasn’t high on the list of essentials in the last week or two before the birth, so buying a couple of packets of real good coffee could be a friendly gesture (make that decaf, if mom is breastfeeding, though).
A white noise generator may sound a weird gift, but what you’re actually giving the parents is the gift of a good night’s sleep. These machines are great for helping babies to sleep; in fact you can get ones specially made for that purpose. A night-light might also be a good idea.
Simplify the new parents’ lives by using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature to gift a supply of diapers or other essentials. Just remember to fill in the right address! Gift cards for meal delivery are another helpful way to say you care.

Pregnancy really takes it out of the female body, so a little pampering or help to get back in form is always welcome. Beauty treatments, a spa day, hand lotion or a hair care kit, or aromatherapy oils and a diffuser, might all be gifts a new mom will receive with real gratitude. A new silk or linen scarf, a pretty headband, or even a new dress for your BFF, are other nice ideas, and a lot of women swear by Lululemon’s super-comfortable leggings.
Remember Dads are also involved! Everyone forgets they might be dealing with the diapers and having sleepless nights too. (Okay, they did not go through labor, but they still have work to do.) Noise canceling headphones can help one parent to sleep through the night (they’ll have to take it in turns) while comfortable athleisure wear is always acceptable.
If you want to be the best of all fairy godmothers (or fathers), take a look on Vipon to see if you can grab a good deal. You might be able to contribute a bit more if you can get it half price!

How to make the most of Black Friday

First, make a list of the things you really need and really want.
There are going to be hundreds of sales so make sure you know which to focus on. For example, if you are buying a TV, think a bit about the specs you need.
Or, if you’re going traveling around the world, for instance, you might need a dual-sim smartphone which lets you stay connected at home and get cheap calls and data abroad.
Next, research the products you are thinking of getting. If you want a new tablet, save the websites that sell them so you are ready to buy!

Some products may have huge discount if they are a slightly older model. New TVs come out every year, so a one-year-old TV might be good value compared to a newer one, and it is far more likely to be discounted.
Check out the price history of the products you’re looking at using a site like CamelCamelCamel. Sometimes, the Black Friday price isn’t really such a bargain, as the product has already been heavily discounted for a while. You might also use the Shopsavvy app to check bricks and mortar shop prices for products.
Black Friday can see websites overwhelmed and servers crashing, so it’s a good idea to have accounts open at several different sites and the relevant product pages bookmarked. If sites let you set up a wish list, use the facility to put your top intended purchases in the list.
Don’t wait for Friday! Lots of sites now start their sales several days early. Particularly if you want to buy a big-ticket item, you’ll want to be an early bird to have a chance of bagging it.
And don’t forget that if you couldn’t get exactly what you wanted, Cyber Monday will be along on the 28th for another chance to grab computers, smartphones and other electronics.
Finally, remember to check out Vipon to see if you can get an even better discount!

Great Stationery Gift Ideas & Accessories

Although the paperless office was a great idea, very few of us have gone totally paperless. Perhaps we’re printing less out, and perhaps we run our diaries on our smartphones, but pen or pencil and paper still seem to come in useful for jotting, annotating, or simply doodling your way through one of your organization’s more boring meetings.

What perhaps has changed is that stationery no longer needs to be bland and functional; it can actually be fun. If you’re keeping a journal, it can be bound in leather, or it can have glitter all over it, or Hello Kitty on the front, and you can use a metallic gel pen, a glass pen with purple ink, scented ink, a highlighter, whatever you like, to write with. Bye bye black pen and lined paper! Hello individuality and enjoyment!

Different types of journals and planners run the gamut from project manager style planners to gratitude journals or notebooks with creative writing prompts. Some still prefer plain white paper sketchbooks, while many artists buy postcard-sized cards that they can work on.

If you’re not into washi tape, you should be. An absolute genius of a Japanese woman came up with the idea of masking tape made pretty, and it’s now a huge industry in itself. Whether you’re scrap booking, or just want some pretty tape to use for packing presents, washi tape is just the stuff.

Also a cute Japanese idea is the pen kimono – a tiny single pen case made of beautiful silk or cotton fabric. If you have a much loved and expensive pen, it needs to be properly dressed! Or choose a pen or pencil case from the numerous varieties available – from fold-out leather holders with elastic strips to hold ten or twenty pens, to denim or Harris tweed pencil cases.

In an increasingly digital world, going analogue is a style decision and it’s one that’s becoming increasingly popular. Fine writing lovers all over the world will be getting together in a couple of weeks at ‘Pelikan Hubs’ to share their love of Pelikan fine pens; older gentleman collectors will be joined by hipsters and millennials searching for the best italic nib or the shiniest glimmer ink.

Don’t forget though that style doesn’t have to be expensive. Take a look on Vipon for some incredible deals on stationery before you splash out!

Science & Creative Gift Ideas

Did you ever have a chemistry set? Or try the experiment of getting electricity out of half a lemon to work a light bulb?

The wonders of science are something kids love. Later in life, we often take its products for granted.

For instance, motion detectors integrated into lighting units can light that dim bit of the yard where you keep the trash can whenever you go out – no need to reach for a switch. Magic!

Perhaps it’s time to rediscover the magic. If you have children, why not share it with them?

A microscope or even just a large loupe or magnifying glass gives you access to a miniature world. Go bug-hunting and look a fly eye-to-eye, analyze the multiple life forms in a single square foot of garden, or explore the miniature landscapes of mosses and lichens.

Or look the other way, out into the universe, with a telescope pointed at the sky. You’ll want to get a couple of good books on astronomy, or an app like Sky Safari or Star Walk to navigate by.

Buy a Raspberry Pi or an electrical science kit to understand how electricity works and start programming your own computer. Keen mechanics may prefer such toys as Meccano, and you can even get kits to build your own steam engines and internal combustion engines. Beginners can start with LittleBits’ or SnapCircuits’ modular circuits to switch lights on and off; or grab the Lego Boost to create a robot, which is fully extendable if you have other Lego kit lying around.

Crystal kits allow you to grow crystal ‘trees’ and see how liquid solutions crystallize. They’re fascinating and beautiful, though some kids will enjoy the ‘stinks’ side of chemistry more (a full chemistry set should give you both options).

Meanwhile, budding biologists can build model skeletons or get the SmartLab Squishy Human Body, a disgustingly yukky skeleton which comes with removable organs tucked inside. Other ways to get involved with the animal world include growing silkworms, or even keeping bees, though the latter is possibly not a great idea if you live in an apartment.

And of course there remain all the things we did as kids, like growing mustard and cress seedlings on kitchen towel, or making a tiny vegetable garden. Though probably, “taking Dad’s watch apart” is not a great idea, although one of our team still claims it’s the single thing that taught him the most about how things work.

Look for cool gizmos on Vipon, and you’ll also benefit from a discount. That’s math, not science, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with math!

Great Ideas & Gifts To Remake Yourself!

Are you bored with the way you look? Or just want to go way, way out of your comfort zone for a party? From small makeovers to complete disguise, you can order up a whole new you from Amazon.

For instance, those of us born with fine, flyaway hair can easily become rock gods or goddesses by simply buying a wig. That’s great news if you’re an accountant by day but play in a heavy metal band! Or you could use clip in hair extensions to get a bit more variety in your hairstyle, though you’ll need shoulder length hair for this to work.

You could simply change hair color. For those unsure of exactly what will suit them, temporary hair dyes offer a chance to try out a new color without having to commit to it long term, so if you always wanted to be a blond, try it out! Equally, if you want to go bright pink or purple or even neon green just for a night, temporary dyes are available.

You can even change the color of your eyes. Actors often use colored contact lenses for particular roles. You can go for werewolf red for a Halloween party, or simply darken your eyes; it’s quite safe to wear colored lenses every day, just like ordinary lenses. And false eyelashes could change you into an extreme vamp in one easy step!

Alternatively, go for really different eyeglasses to make a big impact. Even if you don’t need prescription eyeglasses, you could add sunglasses to change your style.

The options for men are a bit more limited than for women, but the results can be equally dramatic. A different hairstyle, more or less facial hair, and a different grooming regime like waxing your mustache can make a massive difference. Make sure you get really good shaving or beard trimming kit and watch some of the Youtube videos from good barbers or shaving brands to see just what’s possible!

You could change your complete style, including your entire wardrobe. Maybe try out a capsule wardrobe in the new style before you commit entirely, and buy street fashion rather than designer labels. If you like it, that’s the time to buy some more, and maybe donate your old stuff to a thrift store.

Whether you’re considering a big time makeover or just a way out costume for a party, look on Vipon for good deals. If your makeover is just too extreme, at least you won’t have broken the bank trying the look!

Halloween Shopping Ideas! Spooky Scary Skeletons

We’re coming up to Halloween and I’ve already got a supply of rats, snakes, worms and skulls in bright candy colors laid in for the Trick or Treaters. I like to be prepared.

You could have a traditional Halloween, like granddad did; apple bobbing, pumpkin jack’o’lanterns, spooks wearing bedsheets, and a few scary stories. But nowadays most of us want a bit more, from a few fake spiderwebs around the house to ten foot tall fluorescent skeletons.

You can even get a fully realistic, life size skeleton for the porch. Or just buy a few pairs of bony hands. A hand creeping round a door, out of a crack in the wall, or even worse out of the ground, is truly ghoulish!

Bats are actually rather cute creatures in the flesh, but at Halloween we’re thinking vampires. Bat decals on the windows, or bat mobiles, or rubber bats on elastic, are regular decorations. Spiders are also seasonal favorites, particularly great big ones – the biggest I could find was six feet across, which should be plenty large enough to put a scare into passers-by.

Orange and dark purple are the Halloween colors. Orange fairy lights cast a wicked glow; thread them through bare twigs for a spooky take on the Christmas tree. Or get a Halloween light projector that can make skulls and spooks appear all over the yard.

You might want a few witches around, as well. A besom tied with a bunch of herbs, a black cat, or a doll stabbed with pins, all suggest there’s one somewhere about … you might find her pointy hat, too.

The key to a good Halloween for the children is to make it spooky but not too scary, of course. For teenagers, or between adults, you can go a bit more in the scary direction. There’s some wonderfully realistic fake wounds and scars available, that you can apply to each other if you want to become real ghouls.

You might rent a couple of horror movies, and make some blood cocktails with tomato juice and the other ingredients of your choice. Or drink a bright green witches’ brew, made with Midori melon liqueur, Cointreau and lemon juice. (Kids can have a junior punch made of cranberry juice for the red color, apple juice, and ginger ale – add a tot of rum for grown-ups.)

Have a very spooky Halloween. And have an economical Halloween, too, by looking for your supplies on Vipon. See if you can snag a great deal!

Home Cocktails & Drinks Accessories

Want to be the world’s greatest mixologist? Or just fancy a martini, shaken not stirred? You’ll need the right equipment, as well as some good ingredients.

For instance, no cocktail bar can exist without ice. First you have to make the ice. Your fridge ice maker might suffice, but then again, some people prefer round ice cubes, or you might want mini pineapples, so grab the ice cube tray of your choice.

You’ll also want an ice crusher for some cocktails. These range from the simple nutcracker-style crusher, fine if you’re just making cocktails for yourself and your partner, to heavy duty electronic crushers which any professional bar tender would approve.

Strainers to get those little bits of ice out of a cocktail once you’ve shaken it, and to remove small pieces of citrus or herbs, are also important. You’ll probably want more than one, from coarse to fine, as different cocktails have different requirements.

Hawthorne strainers are particularly useful in a cocktail bar. They have a spring running round the edge which is specially designed to catch small pieces of ice. A Hawthorne strainer will fit on your shaker, so you can serve and strain at the same time. On the other hand a julep strainer fits on top of the mixing glass.

A cocktail bar without a cocktail shaker is hardly worthy of the name. You can get a two-piece or three-piece shaker; the three-piece has a strainer built into it which makes your job a little easier. Of course you could, in extremis, use a jam jar or a Tupperware box, but really, that’s not the right way to make a cocktail and you know it.

You’ll also want a mixing glass for cocktails that are stirred (assuming you don’t agree with James Bond that your Martini should be shaken). Most bartenders choose heavy glass – Yarai is the industry standard – and put the glass in the fridge before using it. But double-walled metal shakers are also available, and will survive your dishwasher a lot longer. You could use an ordinary glass, but that has two disadvantages; it won’t be as thick, so won’t make the cocktail quite as cold, and it doesn’t have a pouring spout so you won’t be able to serve quite as neatly.

And there’s more. Setting up a home mixology department, you’ll need shot glasses, a jigger for measuring, a long stirring spoon, a knife and chopping board for lemon slices, a lemon squeezer or juicer. (Many bar tenders like ‘Mexican elbows’, hinged hand-held squeezers that come in lime green, lemon yellow, and orange, so you always pick the right one for the job.) A swivel peeler to make twists, a metal funnel, and some metal straws (because plastic is so yesterday).

It all adds up and when you see how expensive it can be, that $15 Long Island Ice Tea at the local bar starts to look incredibly good value! But of course, if you look on Vipon, you can cut the price of your cocktails by grabbing your equipment at a discount.

Brain Games & Gadgets

Lots of us exercise our bodies. But can we say the same for our brains?

There’s actually some good scientific evidence that as you grow older, actively exercising your brain cells does them good. But most of us still slump in front of the TV too many nights running, or spend time doomscrolling (which, by the way, has been linked to depression in teens).

Puzzles are one good way to keep your gray matter working. For instance, while you might think jigsaw puzzles are basic toys for young children, a really big jigsaw puzzle can be a fascinating challenge. The biggest in the world has over 40,000 pieces according to manufacturer Ravensburger. If classical tourist views aren’t your thing you can try a Keith Haring, Banksy or Andy Warhol jigsaw, dip into the world of fantasy or even complete a huge mandala.

You might find sudoku a good wake-up exercise. Sudoku books can be slipped into a purse or backpack for those odd moments on the subway or between meetings. If you enjoy sudoku you can explore further in the realms of kakuro and futoshiki. You can even buy a sudoku board game which lets you make your own sudoku.

If numbers are not your thing, try Scrabble for a similar experience using words instead. Vocabulary counts for a lot in this game, but so does being able to get your highest-ranking letters on squares that offer double or triple scores, so you’ll also need to be cunning if you want to win.

While keeping your brain active is a good thing, sometimes you may need to get&nb